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The Fiber Disease

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Postby Maggie Mae » Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:17 am

My letter to the editor...
Dear editors and ms. gould ding....
I am a sufferer of this hideous heinous disease....and I take GREAT offense to your lack of investigation, your lack of professionalism, and your obvious bias and bending over to the powers that be.

The truth about the disease and it is REAL, no DOP crap...
(babies and animals???? Come on) It's nanotechnology and it is embedded in everyone....some people are allergic or they are testing a wide variety on YOU AND I, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS - and using our tax money, to boot! I suggest ms. goulding, you go to the WWW. Rense site, (Morgellons dateabase ) listen to the 6th radio broadcast, look at the photos and the next time you get an itch, scratch it carefully.....When was it they fired all the radio dj's, tv anchors, and media personnel....en mass....the late 70's.....? You're owned. What's your spin when some great valiant person slips the classified documents showing how this was done in the name of "HOMELAND SECURITY??"
Maggie mae Martin

woooo wooo!!
Maggie Mae
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Postby London » Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:25 am


Again, I liked your post....and it said blessed are the ones that cursed?? Oh that is me! LOL....I know, it did not go quite like that. Yeah, my old roommate came over about a month ago and i just broke down and we prayed. I felt so much better and stronger.
Thank you Maggie b/c you are a shining reminder for me to keep the faith and practice his presence. I mean that, thanks.

And where is MCS??? thank you and god bless you and your were right about the retinoids too. Hey, before I forget, a friend of mine said that man also invented (?) or administered Agent Orange years that not a trip?

I dunno, I had never heard of him.....

Maggie, you should have seen the big -arse plasma tv on the wall that must have been 40 feet wide.....and the photos of the photons, the robots, etc., well, that is what I think.....they are going to make us into robot/human machines.....

I did not know anything about computers....but I stayed on and looked for this disease in order to help myself and help others that were suffering.

I did not know that I was getting ill from the computer,.....ALSO, MANY PEOPLE THAT WRITE here and on othere sites giving me Memes. All the time....How cool is that? Karma....

Hey Jan Smith, can you tell us why we are supposed to go deaf and not able to produce sounds? I mean, I know it is b/c of the frequency of the unltrasound waves and the hairs going away.....but I mean, why?

What is the purpose?

Maggie, you know they plan on taking us against our will to space don;t you?

Oh, yeah, I know too that they can make me now get worse with a flip of the switch, but hey, if it helps someone else with my post than it is all worthwhile......When I get worse (which I have just over the last 3 weeks) then my documents and informing also gets harder...

Hey, this what we discovered today is not even the worst.....

Anyone heard of this.....Used Air? Yep, they are.....

Later all
King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby Maggie Mae » Thu Dec 14, 2006 4:48 am

that's not funny....! My husband as well as most of my buddies have always thought I was would not believe the Mother Ship jokes....wellllll, maybe I'm goin home...!

Do all of us here have maybe some different kind of voltage hertz that they might be interested in? Just a thought, cuz I've never had normal when it comes to zappen, electrical..
Maggie Mae
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Postby msc » Thu Dec 14, 2006 4:55 am

from msc

yeah my friend's counsin died from agent orange while being a helicoptor flyer in Viet Nam. Fighting for his country he is killed by prof alber kligman who runs free and rich at the expense of so many innocent people. makes you wonder who belongs in jail and who belongs outside.
it is my friend's greatest wish to have him exposed once and for all before Christman and put behind bars and let the prisoners test him with his own toxics.
Death Adder
Death Adder
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Postby codon blue » Thu Dec 14, 2006 9:39 am

Maggie Mae wrote:Do all of us here have maybe some different kind of voltage hertz that they might be interested in? Just a thought, cuz I've never had normal when it comes to zappen, electrical..

Well, as a matter of fact, now that you mention it, I can contribute to that train of thought. A few years ago, one of my closer friends, who is an automotive mechanic, dropped by my house to show me his new "Fluke electrical tester". It had dials and switches and a couple of black and red leads with aligator clips on the ends. Anyway, he was messing around with it testing the other people at my house, and when he came to me, I hesitantly put one clip between my thumb and forefinger and did the same with the other clip, then held my arms straight out away from my sides. Apparently he was checking my "resistance" or "Ohms" level, but when he saw my read out was 27. and climbing, he started getting really excited because mine was so high. I, of course, made him go back and recheck everyone else's levels and discovered, to my surprise, that each of the five other people had readings of 3. to 5. I don't know what it means, but it is most likely connected to this "condition". Anyway, I have a sensitivity to electricity and magnets as well. I can feel a magnet 2" to 3" away from my skin with my eyes closed. Nice little parlor trick, huh? haha Well, that's my side of the story, and I'm sticking to it.

Good night to everyone. :wink:
codon blue
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Postby standsw/fist » Thu Dec 14, 2006 10:30 am

lies lies lies

evil evil evil
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Postby standsw/fist » Thu Dec 14, 2006 10:48 am

everyone followed that angel by the name of al
didn't ya hear????

Yep. Caused quite a commotion, I hear. Some it woke up, others, it did not.

With him, he had a bag full of flashlights. Said he was going towards the big light. you know, london. the one that had all the colors of the rainbow or what the sunlight would give a prizm of if it were shining on a crystal. remember?????
oh yeah, also heard that time was running short. the people who had flashlights knew that they only had one set of batteries. if they got lost, along the way, they could use this light to find their way back. if the batteries ran dry, they would be left in the dark. so i heard, anyways. they walked away and i heard them chanting something. sounding sumthin like alter is to separate...pretty sure.

but some were separated deliberately. couldn't take god's word. their computers sabataged, phones tapped, the whole 9 yards. who knows whats to come. their expecting it, tho. The Lord is a man of war. THANK GOD FOR THAT!! Cuz you don't get any BIGGER THAN THAT!!!

good luck, sabrina i think i have finished my help
go to the light and seek the truth. God will show you many things

sky~birds of a feather find me in the flock
msc and maggie mae same thing god bless and u have this for a reason, children of god. use it!!

and london good job hope u r real proud.
ur back? i retire!

Al an angel of god, indeed!!
mfromcanada OOPS!!! or is it mrcpvls?
and spam? yeah right. u cannot see angels, not even their history how do u see spam>????
c for yourself

canalon you r a big piece of cow poo, thanks al
you showed the true light!! hope to find u in the flock!

rev 12-17 wise to read it

i hear a song comin on!

go deena, go deena, uh huh, its my bert~day, go deena, uh huh
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Postby standsw/fist » Thu Dec 14, 2006 10:51 am


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Postby Nadas Moksha » Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:04 pm

yo south city .. i did not know about that lysis cyanobac.... damn ..
it must a part of the biomarker project that uses the bacteria for radio labeling........

and go Al !!!!

I have always found it to be a tricky subject to bring up on thread with soo many industry watch dogs hanging in the harbor.......

and at the moment this old link I post wayback
its not too far off topic..... . but has got some great codes to break.......

Nadas Moksha
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Postby Nadas Moksha » Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:23 pm

opps dual error ....
it wasnt nadas that placed this link
Nadas Moksha
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Postby Maggie Mae » Thu Dec 14, 2006 2:54 pm
there is a webpage link on there that I haven't had time to look at....

Maggie Mae
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hello to the group....

Postby Serenity » Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:10 pm

In my own mind I had come up with a theory that included buckyballs, nanowires in Morgellons and when I googled a bunch of terms, I found you!
I have just spent a good deal time reading.

I will mostly read for now, but wanted to say that I think Haarp plays a big role in what is going on.

One of the projects that haarp was working on ( in real english) was the creation of an airborne communications system. The scenario goes like this;
you disrupt communication of your enemy...(emp disrupt) but you can communicate because you have this floating network that was just powered up by Haarp.

I am not a rocket scientist, but I am sure that dispursing nanowires into the atmosphere is part of it.

Part Two

While we all were sleeping, the cosmetic industry has been using nanotech
in their creams. There is one high end cream that has buckyballs in it.
All these little particles slipping under our skin.

(how it may have happened)
Nanowires from haarp exxperiment fall on you while you are walking dog.
Dog is fine, didn't use antiaging crap cream. But something happens under the skin when that first nanowire hits your chin. You develop a small patch of skin on your chin that at first you thought had terminal hairs.
Sadly they are not and you don't have a brain tumor or hormone secreting tumor. You have something else.

I think I like the fiber disease better then Morgellons as a name. Doesn't matter what it is called.

This is about as bad a situation as anyone could ever think up.

Time to stop the fingerpointing. How do we kill this stuff?

Has anyone had any success with anything?

I will go back to reading but wanted to throw my two cents in.

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