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The Fiber Disease

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Re: Describing the unknown and then denying it.

Postby Sabrina » Thu Jun 22, 2006 12:28 am

SarahBione wrote:[The study regards demographics, symptoms, sensations, management behaviors, and major medical health conditions or medications co-morbid with the belief that insects are living in or on the skin or inside the body.

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to biology on-line! :D

I did participate in your survey/study (if this is the same? no samples were sent) and I sincerely did not know that it was only for people who held a belief that insects were living in them or on them. I never believed I had insects living in me or on me and I still do not. Hope I did not unintentionally affect the integrity of your work by that.

Now what I do have is a sensation at times that could very accurately be described as such but I have never witnessed what I could classify as an insect on me (other than by natural means, outdoor mosquitoes, etc..) or in me.

Overwhelming disappointment was felt when you gave your speech at some event a while back to a group of exterminators and talked about DP without ever mentioning this emerging condition even though you were very aware and actually studying it. :shock: I am not perfect either and still believe that you could help us Sara. We still need you as you see our fight to get treatment continues.

As you once stated your genuine concern for people who are actually delusional and continue to poison themselves with pesticides, I too am very concerned about this. It is very sad to see people go through this but I fail to see how one could classify it as a delusion if one does not have the authority or proper training to be able to do so in the first place. :?:

Here is just one site that can be viewed where people think that they have scabies, lice, rat mites, etc…. and for months and months and sometimes years on end! They use very unsafe quantities of poisonous chemicals just to find some type of relief for their believed condition.

http://www.safe2use.com/scabiesboard/_v ... search.htm

Just noticed when I looked for this link that the board is closed down because they are "swamped with posters." The search still works.

Since we are concerned, how can we help them? Everyone with common sense knows that regular treatments for such conditions are easily eradicated. However these people do not and are actually poisoning themselves in attempt to treat their believed condition. :( Why don't they know that these conditions do not make you feel like your clothes are stinging you either? :?

I would love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Wymore’s recent work, have you seen his open letter?

Also, I did not know that you are still accepting samples. What do you do exactly with these samples sent to you? Are you close to publishing any of your work on this yet?

Lastly, but most importantly, can you tell me if you have found anything that looks familiar in tamtam’s video? :wink:


Glad you have come aboard Sarah and hope you can stay awhile.

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Postby hartuk » Thu Jun 22, 2006 10:50 am

Hello All,

Interesting, Relevent ??



"Germ-line transformation of insects is now a widely used method for analyzing gene function and for the development of genetically modified strains suitable for pest control programs. The most widely used transposable element for the germ-line transformation of insects is piggyBac. The site of integration of the transgene can influence gene expression due to the effects of nearby transcription enhancers or silent heterochromatic regions. Position effects can be minimized by flanking a transgene with insulator elements. The scs/scs' and gypsy insulators from Drosophila melanogaster as well as the chicken beta-globin HS4 insulator function in both Drosophila and mammalian cells."

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Postby Hybridized » Thu Jun 22, 2006 1:56 pm

Dear People,

Good news flash!

Cliff Mickelson is doing a two hour radio show on Rense.com. His segment will air on Thursday night June 22nd, that’s today folks! The program will air live at 8:00 -10:00 PM Pacific time (11:00-1:00 EST).

This will no doubt be very interesting and informative. It has been said that there will be some new information that will be presented. The title of the show is "Morgellons Disease - Deployed or Natural?"

To listen it this broadcast go to http://rense.com/ and click on the button that says listen free.

I must say that Mr. Mickelson has helped so many of us and I want to thank him for his continued dedication.

A very special guest will be there as well, our very own Greema! This lady really knows her stuff!

Good luck to you both and thank you for all of your hard work.

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Postby Linn » Thu Jun 22, 2006 2:26 pm

Thanx Hybridized,

AND also:

CNN broadcast tonight _at_ 8pm Eastern time

http://lymebusters.proboards39.com/inde ... 481&page=1

Dont miss it!
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Postby Barz » Fri Jun 23, 2006 2:46 pm

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Postby Skytroll » Fri Jun 23, 2006 6:39 pm

Sarah Bione,

Tell me, Ms. Bione, you do not know about this frog?


By Joseph R. Mendelson III & Ronald W. Gagliardo
Amphibians are undergoing a mass extinction event on a scale unprecedented in human history. Habitat loss, human exploitation, and environmental contamination are among the main causes of this threat of extinction.

A deadly new threat has emerged recently. An infectious fungal disease called amphibian chytridiomycosis is having catastrophic effects on amphibians all over the globe. This disease may well be the result of global climate change. Recent events in Panama illustrate perfectly a pattern of amphibian decline clearly associated with this disease and the power of scientific data to that allows scientist to launch pro-active conservation responses.

Recently, Dr. Karen Lips of Southern Illinois University and colleagues offered a model of a wave-like spread of the fungus across Costa Rica and Panama. This model predicted that in 2006 the rich amphibian fauna in the vicinity of El Valle de Antón in central Panama, would suffer a catastrophic decline because of chytrid fungus.

In response, biologists from Zoo Atlanta and Atlanta Botanical Garden launched an unprecedented pre-emptive extraction of amphibians from areas predicted to be devastated by disease. Biologists flew the frogs from Panama to safer environments in Atlanta. Now 35 amphibian species from this region live in colonies in Atlanta, that assure their survival.

As predicted, the fungus recently arrived in El Valle, and the inevitable deaths are now occurring.

All available scientific data indicate that the amphibian fauna of El Valle has begun its terminal decline that will result in a major loss of regional populations and, quite likely, extinction of multiple species. In this case, scientific data regarding the location of the fungus allowed some pre-emptive conservation measures.

Rapid response led by the Houston Zoo, Panamanian government and Atlanta-based institutions have resulted in a permanent in-country facility for safeguarding critically threatened species. Thus, the endemic species of this region have at least some hope of avoiding extinction. We cannot say the same for many populations and species in other parts of the Central America or the World. Directed research such as that by Reid Harris of James Madison University, Virginia and Richard Retallick of James Cook University in Queensland, Australia offer some hope that, with a bit of help along the way, some amphibians may be able to avoid extinction.


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Postby Skytroll » Fri Jun 23, 2006 6:41 pm

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Postby Skytroll » Fri Jun 23, 2006 7:01 pm

Very interesting article here, on this experiment involving this fungus.

Abstract One of the major causes of worldwide amphibian declines is a skin infection caused by a pathogenic chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis). This study documents the interactions between this pathogen and a susceptible amphibian host, the boreal toad (Bufo boreas). The amount of time following exposure until death is influenced by the dosage of infectious zoospores, duration of exposure, and body size of the toad. The significant relation between dosage and the number of days survived (dose-response curve) supports the hypothesis that the degree of infection must reach a particular threshold of about 107–108 zoosporangia before death results. Variation in air temperature between 12°C and 23°C had no significant effect on survival time. The infection can be transmitted from infected to healthy animals by contact with water containing zoospores; no physical contact between animals is required. These results are correlated with observations on the population biology of boreal toads in which mortalities associated with B. dendrobatidis have been identified.
Keywords Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis - amphibian pathogen - Bufo boreas - chytrid fungus - chytridiomycosis


Cynthia Carey
Email: [email protected]


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Postby Skytroll » Fri Jun 23, 2006 7:04 pm

What is Applied Ecology?

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Postby Sabrina » Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:11 pm

I was just bumpen today 8) and found this!

“My name is Marshall Mathers, I'm an alcoholic (Hi Marshall)
I have a disease and they don't know what to call it” :shock:

http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/eminem/j ... afuck.html



Gotta love Eminem!!! :D

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Postby London » Sat Jun 24, 2006 1:38 am

Now that's what I'm talking about.....best hyperlink this side of page 100.

Marshall........love it....... :)

TamTam, you still golfing in Scotland? Hello......


Just wanted to say a quick hello to all- I was stopping by wondering if any of you ever hear from JJill? She's been on my mind for a while now and

was wondering how she was.....

And as I have said a long time ago......I think this whole thing (in the bbig scheme of things will directly be related to global warming and saving

the trees, all creatures of the rainforest, etc....why? Because of man made progression and the ecology of our world going awry........

and I think they base this whole premise on Inate or adaptave Immunity.......b-cells talking to t-cells and the macrophages, compliment sytem, apoptosis, bt endotoxins.....and agriculture......

molecular cloning of nearly all species.....even down to the trees......

Which is all fine and dandy,.....so my children will live in a better world....Yikes, but I don't have any.....so, I'm not very fond of these new scientist....and I'm sure I will not be walking the face of the earth in 10 years to come......but boy.....what a damn insect problem the world will have.......you can't disrupt ecology the way gm organisms have done.....

It will not work.......

last thing.....as I always have strongly felt was invoved....the bacteriaphages...

Take Care-

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Postby RANDY » Sat Jun 24, 2006 8:48 am

southcity says:
most simply cannot fathom the ramifications of such a disclosure. The infectious agent causing this is caused by a stray target (nondisclosed) created by experimental research done under a C3 permit by a proteomics research center. In other words it is a man made creation which has escaped containment. This target was created for research into artificial skin, wound dressing as well as cancer research tools. This is a military issue of high caliber, enough so to be defended by many parties, hence all the conflicting reports and otherwise lack of any credible information. The microscopic images shown in the video found at http://www.crossinglines.net (follow the links) is completely out of my area of expertise, I am not a microbiologist. However the Macroscopic images shown and this agents interaction with host are EXACTLY the same thing I am able to show on my own body to anyone that will listen and would like to look. For photos of the fibers, follow these links.
http://www.crossinglines.net/Host%20pat ... on%201.jpg
http://www.crossinglines.net/Host%20pat ... on%202.jpg

for the picts showing the dissemination in skin follow these links.

http://www.crossinglines.net/desseminat ... 20skin.jpg

http://www.crossinglines.net/desseminat ... in%202.jpg

http://www.crossinglines.net/desseminat ... in%203.jpg

http://www.crossinglines.net/desseminat ... in%204.jpg

Pictures of typical lesions
http://www.crossinglines.net/Typical%20 ... attern.jpg
http://crossinglines.net/lesion%20photographs.htm series of slides.

Picture of the synthetic polymer showing random recombination.
http://crossinglines.net/quorum%20sensi ... 5_0001.jpg
http://crossinglines.net/photo_gallery.htm series of slides.

http://crossinglines.net/quorum%20sensi ... 7_0003.jpg

and finally the most common thing reported and seen by those suffering from this is the fibers seen outside the body. One can put fresh sparkling clean sheets on their bed, shower and scrub fanatically, go from shower to bed, then wake up to find these structures in bed with them. I am not kidding when I say these were not in the bed when you got in it. http://www.crossinglines.net/pic_of_moving_fuzz.jpg
The video compiled by a scientist in Europe can be viewed by following the links at http://www.crossinglines.net. If you are a scientist or research professional, please share your comments concerning what you are seeing in this, as I have said, only the macroscopic images mean anything to me and would love some qualified remarks concerning the microscopic images.

From what I understand the reasons for the lack of acknowledgement from the medical community is a political as can be. Once the uninfected general public becomes aware of the release of this thing into public space, reactions may become unpredictable. Also, the economic problems which will be sure to follow. Everything these days is genomic/ proteomic research related—from the paint on the door to the food on your plate. In fact, several hundred billion a year in the US alone. Also it appears that even though this seems to be a accidental release, this accident is being “nurtured” by big pharm with obvious goal of the need for lifelong suppressive therapy.

The video’s creators have also stated that this element is differentiating. Meaning it is the cause of several seemingly unrelated diseases. If a single pathogen is worth a billion dollars to the medical industry then this pathogen is worth 10’s of billions. This bug is a money maker and we are all at the mercy of the medical industry. The key word to concentrate on here is INDUSTRY. All industry is profit orientated and this should scare the bejeebbers out of you. Hence the lack of motivation to fund research into this disorder. It will without doubt prove that these industries focus primarily on the effects of disease and not the cause of them. To cure is not profitable, but to treat over and over again is. Look at the treatments HIV patients must take for life in order to stay alive.

A pathogen represents billions and to take a cause of disease away is a disaster for many.

More to follow, my damn fingers hurt and I stink at typing.


(Had to..sorry)
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