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The Fiber Disease

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Postby Skytroll » Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:35 am


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Postby Skytroll » Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:40 am

wells are deep so is me.

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Postby Skytroll » Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:45 am

Thinking is good........it stimulates the brain.

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Postby Skytroll » Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:47 am

How about extracting it from us?

The metals, the silica, the fungi, the bugs.....the worms, the foreign DNA.....

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Postby Marcos » Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:28 am


what did "your friend" use Renova for? Please read this article.



you repeat, "it is important that people unite, create a legal base and seek litigation".

any ideas that you have about the type of evidence needed, and the wheres, whos, and hows to go about following that advice would be a great help to everyone.

Thanks, Marcos
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Postby London » Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:37 am

Deena! Thanks for that info.....dunno why, but just had never wondered enough to try to figure out why. I guess, and I dunno why this either, but I hate physics and anything to do with space.....the solar system. always have....I love biology, some chemistry and was even good in school at biomechanics of movement but just could not get into it.....

but very interesting there Deena, thanks very much.

Relief Seeker? I hope she is not back in the hospital....if anyone knows anything, pease let me know.....

RSeeker, if you read this, I'm thinking of you....hope you are a-okay!!!!


okay, gotcha and thanks for those stats. I knew the steel could withstand the fuselage heat but did not know much else.

okay,....................I'm thinking out loud here...oh, well....i will never understand the reasoning behind the microbes being put into the inks unless it was to smuggle,,,,,that is not that groovy of a theory, maybe the microbes make the machines run better....oh!!! Ia BET IT MAKES THEM RUN CHEAPER....LESS ENERGY OUTPUT....WHY ISN'T THAT SPECIAL, MORE SPECIAL THAN MY HUMAN SKIN AND EYES....


Let's see, i have no earthly idea where, who, or what country makes the most big machines.....(you see, Of course I'm thinking of the AC/Heat or HVAC systems) , and like mine here at home- and .....yes, the schools and the hospitals, (hence more teachers and nurses have morgellans)

why, they sure the hello use a lot of steel, do they not....my air handler system here where I live is a train tower one and it is, get this....080 TON one....

oh Jjill, this is getting interesting.....that is if................>>>>if indeed the
Chinese and Indian people make the air handlers....this much I do not know....but if they are producers then bingochingo, eh????

I swear, I did my homework on the handlers about a month ago....have one document that says since 2001,, uh, duh, the same year the steel mysteriously melted (cough, hack, cough) well, that the system requirements had changed and this one document said that they use cardboard, recycled glass, and and wood of all things.

and I had all three of those things in my fingers last summer....plus, swear to this too, My drip pan on the ac went out and it took 2 or so weeks to get part to fix it with, the whole time, I had open panel in my bathroom celing....My handler is commercial-sized one, so you can imagine the big whole up their with me directly under the fancoil, not thinking a darn thing about it.....duh, dumb London, dumb.......

Thank you thank you Jjill!!!!!!
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Postby msc » Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:49 am

from msc,

the silica that burns at 1700 degrees but doesn't melt is called bio ceramic glass (bcg). what they used in renova with transluscent crystallines powders and silica (genectically altered called bio gerome silica), if
you look up diamtons, and we asked in numerous letters to physicians
what are the diamond shapes things that she could see when this masks
illuminates, as bateriorhodopsin illuminates (the purple glob membrane
of the halobacterioum salerium that attaches to the mitchondria which the
one of the postees keeps trying to tell us to investigate) the physicians
desk reference known as pdr states edgma causes chromosonal damage
it is acrylate co polymer used in this product, which is ceramic which is silica. they used liguid silicone, the used edta and hdpe from cysteine rich proteins of lecithin (biofilms as does bacteriorhodopsin) and fungus.
morgellons disease with no doubt in our minds is both a mechanical and
biological organism that has mutated do to oxidation. please look up the
phosphorous pony tail ligand, this ligand was never to leave the lab it is
dangerous to the enviornment, but that didn't stop kligman and johnson and johnson. my friends cat scans show very cleary crystalized organisms and the ponytail ligand, the tail is used like a mechaniel arm
that drops down like a spinde to grab and pull up. remember the triple pendulm state was used, remember inert gaseous and inert triple pendulum and fiber optics and oxidize clouds and ligands with claws and
appendages, all used in nano technology, a technology that hadn't been
perfected nor ready to use as stated by nano technologists, but prof kligman who is 82 years old couldn't wait for that he needed to see it done
before he died and be one of the first, or did he want to create an epidemic? they are only questions he can answer, someone needs to have his questioned now before he dies and is there an antidote. many
medical university, all knowing that bacteriorhodopsin and soy proteins and chemo therapy agents and artificial prothesis create biofilms and
they can't kill the bacteria and that it must be identified in early stages and
treated with strong antibacteria which are also toxic and some lethal.
what choice have they given us live with the translucent parasite or
die by lethal injection? look up canadian minireview on chemotherapy
and artificial prothetesis and biofilms. every day for seven years my friend gets worse with no end coming and now what she has been describing, and for which they knew and tried to have her declared insane so noone would believe her until it was too late. everything stated in letters shows up in photos now. remember photos don't lie they take what they see, and expert photographers like the ones on csi know what
shadows are and know what films are like biofilms. we can't get any
chemical corp. to help up, none reply to emails, and what is so amazing
all of them know and list the toxcity and human hazards on these chemicals used in this patent, why wouldn't they want to help. one reason
they sell these chemicals to pharmaceutical corp. you have gov't officials and physicians that get bribes and as reporter for washington post, mr. brubecker reported in his article several years ago they are called perks.
we need someone like erin brockevich who isn't afrain to go up against
large pharmaceutical corp. this is our planet and our lives and our children's lives and their future. these chemicals cause chromosonal damage, bone degeneration, osscification of the bones and diffusion of the
bones, God knows what damage to our organs and heart and brain.
we need to find someone soon, there is a little girl suffering real bad,
as these chemicals cause diabetes and acidosis both which she now suffers plus urinary problems her blood sugar won't stabilize, her grandmother is sick with non hodgkins and lymphoma another side effect of these chemicals one on chemo treatmeats and one on insulin and what
happens when all these chemicals are combined? it is vital to all of us
to find someone to help now.
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Postby London » Tue Dec 05, 2006 4:38 am


Is the racket not some crock of dog doo? I just walked out of mynew dr.s apnt last week.....pissed b/c of what they diagnosed me with (the bitchy "nurse PA" who smirked and did not roll her eyes at me but yet you could tell she did in her own way......

As I was in checkout but had already paid w/ cc and insurance at the front of apnt, they just asked me to sign and keep a copy for myself.

I said, oh, well, what does this diagnosis code mean and the bitch PA behind me said,,,,"OH, I don't remember, I will have to go look it up in
my book......well, being that it had only been 30 seconds max since we left her office, I just kind of did one of her rolling, but not rolling my eyes at her.....Anyway, when I turned back to see if she had left to go get it....she said, " Okay, well, it's _____________, I said excuse me, was I the one that wrote that code down and thirty seconds later forgot what I diagnosed my patient with. In a nice but stern way, I said, I'm not signing Jack damn anything of the likes.....

they said, well, the insurance won't pay for it if we do not put a pscho. diagnosis code on it.....so with disgust, I turned to the girl on the other side of me that was actully doing the transaction and asked how much it was for the visit. She said 260. I gave her the exact cash and asked if we were settled, here/////and I 'll be dammed if the other girl beside the nurse did not start in on it...saying well, they still had to turn it in to insurance since it had already been initiated.....I asked if she was sure, even asked if she was legally sure- she said most def.

bullshit!!!!! I said, here, gimmi the moneyback (hell, I really needed it anyway) and when she gave me the paper to sign and date, I simply put my stuff away into my backpack, then took the paper from her hand and right under the blank where my name and date were supposed to be, I wrote in big arse letters....... "I xxx xxxxxx, acknowledge my reciept of recieving this piece of paper on Nov 29th......"In no way do I aggree , nor accept this diagnosis code and will see that it gets exspunged off my records....then quietly handed her the paper as I walked out the door....

sorry. brain dead here and dunno why i typed all of this b/c i forgot the most important thing.......

to tell any of you that goes to a new doc. or even your old one to preface at the first of your apnt time by looking them in the eye and saying,
" I know what I'm about to tell you is going to sound out in left field but I need some help and do not know where else to turn to.....then, say, I can prove every thing (most everything if you have samples, photos, or videos of stuff) AND THEN TELL THEM BY LOOKING THEM IN THE EYE....

i WILL AT anytime be willing to take a polygraph exam to back up what I am claiming........
This helped me the most.....one of my docs said, "London, why would you say something like that....i said, well, you never know....this stuff is sci-fi and it is also here and killing me.....funny, after 3 weeks with this man doctor, he was beginning to grab stuff from my hand with his eyes nbig and his mouth wide open......he looked at me and I just smirked....hey, you ready for me to go get that polygraph test now......

He replied, no, that won't be necessary.....not now or anytime.....I see your proof right here......

Hell, I had the sanwhich bag w/ the trich hairs in them, the collembola still hooked to one of my eyelashes/////all sitting between two glass slides taped together, the silicone lil 1' white looking tapeworm

anyway there are doctors out there people that will believe. But here is the kicker......they don't know what to do with us when they do believe us.

Hang in there MSC. Take videos and photos as much as you can. I know it is heartbraking but you and she too will be glad you did.

So Jjill, do you have any idea how many peo[ple have Morg disease now...

see, I don't think they put these in everyones air unit.....i think some just may have got ill from where they work but all of us are the ones chosen eto be the test subjects I guess.

mass photocopy (watch out for the microbes in the ink though haha) a letter and put it on every car and every doctors pigeon hole box at the hospital.....go postal on them.....w/out using the post office....
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Postby ppy1818 » Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:26 am

london- reliefseeker is indeed hospitalized at the moment. she was admitted thursday night due to infection in her leg. we have had to box with a few doctors but they are doing all sorts of test. even had a pathologist collecting samples :) having a witness when dealing with these doctors and showing them your digital recorder actually taping each conversation seems to get their attention :wink: on the other hand.... i get the feeling that we are not too popular around there. she is doing well and we hope to have scared them enough to let her continue on the 2 antibiotics that seem to be helping so much.
i know that you guys feel this is nano / fiber optics related and i see some of the connections being made here. in fact , sometimes it makes so much sense that it scares me. another theory that makes sense to me is the one about the flukes. (yes ,credit for this goes to carrie the fluke queen) has anyone on this board ever investigated this in depth? as i understand it , the fluke is capable of causing many of our strange symptoms ie they produce fibers of various colors, they can secrete the sticky , syrupy substance that most describe oozing from lesions and if they migrate throughout the body can cause damage to major organs, skin etc. i have pics of blood and debris from lesions that clearly show eggs in a chain like formation. flukes lay eggs in chains. i also had samples that showed a black circle within a circle looking thing that i did not recognize. the circle things had a ??? half arrow looking formation near the end . these were thrown away when i swore off my microscope the first time :lol: i later saw a picture exactly like these slides and the description was of flukes mating. i wanted to ask ya'll what you think about this not only for myself but relief seeker as well.without going into detail i will say that we believe we have a fluke specimen obtained from a towel placed under her leg during the course of her hospitalization. neither of us are experts in this field but the specimen looked under a 100x microscope exactly like a fluke picture that we had in her room. the attending physician looked at it and agreed that it did look like adult fluke and agreed to run extensive test . this is also why pathologist became involved. do ya'll think this could be relevant? maybe a secondary infection at least? i'm scientifically challenged so maybe i'm drawing the wrong conclusions but i know that when i use a poor vacuum from the dollar tree on the lesions on my face what comes out is definately scary. i get these large blood clot like masses coming out along with blood and sticky ,syrupy fluid. this is how i got the sample with possible flukes mating . these clots can be handles with tweezers and still retain shape. when placed in water and swished around with little force it will begin to loosen and eventually seperate into individual worm like entities. god , i hope to be wrong about that . it makes me sick that this stuff is all over my face :cry: any feed back would be appreciated
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Postby Linn » Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:51 am

Sorry to hear about relief seeker, hope she recovers soon.
I have discussed flukes and believe they were involved in my case as vectors.
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these".

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Postby London » Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:09 am

This is not meant in a malicious, nor in a ulterior motive way- it just is and I must post reglardless. Thanks for keeping the weirdness at bay; I sincerely appreciate it and I certainly plan on keeping my end of the deal/ promises up. No, I will not be led by fear- as in those mysteriously that went missing to fund out it was murder. If they want me dead, then dead I will be. I can only promise you this, It will be a loud death.

Anyway, no, I did not get in touch with anyone today nor even tried.

Thanks and with sincere integrety-

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Postby London » Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:17 am

thanks Lady Sabrina, just now seeing your post. I'm sorry for RSeeker- let her know that. also, dunno about the flukes. I'd guess no- I was tested 3 times and all came back negative. But have no idea of anything for sure anylonger- will check into it-

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