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Do the phenomena caused by special genes?

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Do the phenomena caused by special genes?

Postby telepath » Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:21 pm

Telepath Phenomena Claim

The discovery of such phenomena will be a milestone and breakthrough to the science.

When I was in my college career, my classmates said that they always could hear my thoughts when I’m thinking something, even when I'm far from them. Include these thoughts I never talk to others and these I never record it in any place, but they can’t hear any others. I was surprised by that, it means that there is a kind of unknown signal brings my thoughts to them could make they have the mysterious hearing. And the source of the signal should be my body, it could arrive a considerable distance that sounds can't. Exactly say, they could hear two kind of sounds are talking the same words at the same time when I’m talking near them, one is my sound, and the other one must be the mysterious signal caused hearing. As time gose, they told me they also could see a naked body near them has the same pose to mine, even when I’m far from them. Yes, they can hear my thoughts and see a naked body has the same pose to my body in a considerable distance, but they can’t record it with any mordern tool.

We know that we can see something is caused by a kind of signal called light, and we can use a camera record light, but they can’t use any tool record the mysterious sound and the naked body in their vision. It means we have found a entirely new signal that science don’t know yet. We may call it paranormal phenomena, or telepath, I would like to challenge Randi’s prize (www.randi.org). Such phenomena hint at even more intriguing possibilities, they could even sense all kinds of my activity, for example my smelling, pain, my dreams when I’m asleep, and so on, all of that is paranormal and can’t be explained by modern science. All such phenomena have no side affects to human health, so far as I know. The signal might send out from my genes, we might could use such signal talk with genes.

When I go back to my home town, my neighbours said they also have the sense before, just because I have little contact with them, so they didn’t know such strange sense is caused by me. Both my classmates and neighbours can’t sense any other person’s activity.

I consider these problems again and again, can they perceive the mysterious signal anytime and anywhere? Do every one can perceive the phenomena? The answer is:
I’m not sure when do they have the sense, such phenomena happens naturally and frequently, all most everytime when they not far from me. They said they have the sense when they are leisure.
Almost everywhere they can if not far from me, and include these place that mobile phone signal hard to arrive. One of them said once he could even sense my activity when I’m far from he 1000kms.
Almost every one can if they are not far from me. One of my neighbor said all of them have the same mysterious sense. One of them said after he meet me he could even have the sense far form me more than 100kms, but he don’t have the sense before.
The speed of the signal is hard to be detected.

I can’t sense the phenomena, some times I really suspect they are fooling me, or somebody might could mind control. But when my neighbours talk about my thoughts that I never talk to andbody and I never record it, and they are surprised by seeing my dreams, it makes me have the decision to publish such phenomena aimed at challenge Randi’s prize.

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Postby JackBean » Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:37 pm

if you're telepath, you should know, we will delete this post and ban you, shouldn't you?

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Postby telepath » Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:48 am

Dear administrator, Don't delete it, please.
I just think the phenomena might could useful to the genome project. The mysterous sense might be caused by unknown signal send out form special genes in my body. If it is true, we might could talk with genes use such signal once we identify what is it and how do it happens, in so doing to sequence all kinds of genes might could became very easy.
I would like to prove the phenomena to these people who have passing and abillity to study it.
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Postby Darby » Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:14 pm

It certainly seems like you're making testable claims, which is the start of any science. A good controlled test should be relatively easy and cheap.

You should be prepared for the possibility of the result not supporting the claim, though, which is the core of science.
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Postby telepath » Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:02 pm

Hi, Darby,
Now, lets suppose you are living not far from me, and you and your neighbor have the sense of hearing something and see a naked body near both of you, in different rooms, but you can't record it with any modern tools. And soon we find these hearing are just the same to my thoughts, and the naked body's activity is just the same to my activity, there is no exception. How will you value it?
The phenomena caused by a kind of unknown signal sends out from my genes might be the most scientific explain to the phenomena.
You should know all my current neighbor have the same sense. And I have moved to several places, both find there are people claim have the mysterious sense.
What kind of possibility not supporting the claim, please inform me.
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