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Breeding Oscinella frit/frit fly.


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Breeding Oscinella frit/frit fly.

Postby ColouredStuff » Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:52 pm

Hello, my name is Leo, a British A-level student hoping to study biology at Aberystwyth this year (fingers crossed). I was hoping somebody could give me some advice.

I would like to breed frit fly, I'm not sure why. I wish to observe their life cycle and then possible subject different groups to different environmental conditions, seeing what effect if any this has on their life cycle and behavior.

Does anybody have any experience of breeding frit flies? I have collected a dozen or so animals from the compost bin and they are milling about in a sterilized milk bottle with a cotton stopper. They have a small piece of banana and some wet cotton wool in there with them. Is this an appropriate diet for them? I think it may not be as I know they are cereal pests.

Please help me and my little frits.
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