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Tiny carnivorous water creature?


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Tiny carnivorous water creature?

Postby Sevens » Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:05 pm

Ok, so a long time ago I had a a few tadpoles and 1 bullfrog tadpole in a bucket of mostly rain water. The normal tadpoles were fine and healthy. The bullfrog tadpole seemed void of energy and generally unhealthy.

I separated the bullfrog tadpole from the others and put it in a smaller clear glass so I could have a better look at it. I noticed a tiny bump on the top of its head almost directly in between its eyes. When I put some light on it I noticed there was a tiny transparent creature attached to the tadpoles head. It was shaped like a lillypad, and almost seemed to pulse. I do not remember it having any sort of tail, although I do recall it had 4 or 6 "arms". I use the word arms because it looked like there were a number of tiny bones, or arms, inside of the lilypad-shaped animal. Highly unlikely they were bones, but thats what it looked like.

After observing this animal I decided to detach it from the tadpole. I used a small pair of tweasers and after several minutes I was finally able to get it off. Where the creature was, there was now a small circle of flesh/skin missing. I would say about 3 MM across and 1.5-2MM deep. So pretty much the size of the creature.

The creature itself was still perfectly transparent, despite the fact of either eating or dissolving almost its entire bodysize in the tadpoles head. It was still alive after being pried off with tweasers, and it still seemed to pulse, but was now moving a little bit more.

So does anyone have any ideas what this could be? This was in northern Minnesota around spring time.
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Postby Darby » Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:03 pm

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