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MMPs and inhibitors in melanoma

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MMPs and inhibitors in melanoma

Postby nekofluff » Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:44 pm

Hey, I am writing a research paper and have reached a wall, here is the background to the paper and the problem I have run into, any insights would be of great help :)

All my previous research and a big chunk of my literature review focusses on the therapeutic approaches on metastatic cascade, I discovered that there has been a major re think into the role of MMPs in tumour progression from the basic degradation of the extracellular matrix (and a main role of importance in the later stages of the metastatic cascade)to a more recent ntly recent view being that the range of proteolytic targets of these enzymes is more complex MMPs are known to precisely regulate the function of bioactive molecules by PROTEOLYTIC PROCESSING therefore acting earlier on in the cascade than previously thought, a lot of my research has lead me through the development of inhibitors of MMPs as a therapeutic target, initially these yielded unfavourable results (of which there are many reasons) the discovery of the new roles of MMPs in metastasis lead to specific inhibitors as aposed to the earlier broad range ones.

The problem is however: TIMPS (the natural inhibitors of metaloproteinases) generally function as inhibitors of tumour progression (there are paradigms here) but it was found that in MELANOMA these TIMPS do the oposite, they do NOT prevent metastasis but promote it, since the main body of my reading has been based on the progression of therapeutic inhibition of MMPS (the initial endogenous inhibition using TIMPS) does this mean that inhibition of TIMPS in melanoma is different to most other tumours? or can the therapeutic inhibition strategies still apply? I am really confused and am now at a stand still.

Please let me know what you think on the issue,
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