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GBS syndrome

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GBS syndrome

Postby zorana » Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:47 am

I am posting this same story all over again, hoping that someone could actually help me. It is not about me, this is about my best friend. The story goes like this... In january this year, she was diagnosed with GBS syndrome. First tingling sensation, then numbness first in her hands, than her feet, then legs and she was admitted to hospital on time, did LP and results shown she has GBS. She was in Spain at that moment, coz she is professional volleyball player who was playing in Spain at that moment. She was in hospital for one month, received treatment by IVIG for 5 days. She completely lost her reflexes, could barely walk, make small steps. In one month she got out from the hospital on her own two feet, without wheelchair, without any assistance. She got back home where she had to take 4 weeks treatment for lyme disease. After that, we have been taking some light walks, nothing hard because she completely lost her strength. Now, 7 months after GBS story, she was under some heavy physical work, preparing for new season. Now the problem is the pain, the heavy pain she feels, the tingling sensations and burning the she feels both in her arms and legs. Soemtimes she says she has problem with heavy legs, and very often get into pain crisis because of that pain she feels. She is very active, has two trainings per day so she is always under heavy training. Now, my question is what can she do? She is taking painkillers but that doesn't do well, where should she go to? What should she do about that problem? Is it normal for athletes to have that problems with gbs? In our country neurologists are not so familiar with GBS syndrome, so please, if you could help me, i would be thankful. She is really suffering and the worst thing is when you watch someone so close suffer so much without opportunity to help him....
Thank you very much in advance.
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Postby TheVirus » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:41 pm

First of all, i am really sorry for your friend and hope she gets better. Do you know if she has noticed any change in her pain recently? Is it getting worse, better or is it constant?
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