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User contributed biology related movies.
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Video and audio sources

Sat Jul 16, 2005 1:49 pm

The following is a page of videos (which you have to have real player installed to view. In this page pres control and f together to find text with in the page and type the words “genetic” “Biology” /etc and there with be over 20/40 videos like
- Algorithmic Challenges in Structural Molecular Biology, Triangle Computer Science Distinguished
- SIRA- Gene Therapy for Blood Cell Cancers
- 50 Years of DNA in Medicine- Stem Cell Biology and Human Disease. Stuart Orkin, MD
- SIRA- Gene Transfer for Angina to Grow New Blood Vessels in the Heart
- SIRA- Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
- SIRA- Gene Therapy- A New Approach for Treatment of Heart Failure
- Vision Russell Doolittle - The Revolution of Biology
- Health Sciences Journal- Meet the Dean- Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease and Spinal Cord Injury
- and Heaps/Heaps more
- and Heaps/Heaps more
- and Heaps/Heaps more


and use yahoo video search, with search words like “genetic” “Biology” “molecular biology” “gene therapy” “DNA” “etc” that might be contained in the name or the video or the page?


also use http://www.dogpile.com audio search with the same names
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