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Can a turtle and a frog breed?

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Can a turtle and a frog breed?

Postby jbfurby » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:07 am

My son came home from school with the assignment of researching whether a cross between a turtle and a frog exists. We didn"t find any, but of course, I, being a bored housewife, couldn't let it go and kept looking. I came up with the theory that they couldn't because one is an amphibian and one is a reptile. Unfortunately science is not my thing, so I have no way of proving (or disproving) this theory. If anyone can help me out please reply....thank you!
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Postby biohazard » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:10 am

They cannot breed by any natural means. What you said is pretty much true, but even if you had two reptiles or two amphibians of different species, the chances that they could breed would be very small. There are multiple resons for this starting from simple phsyiological and behavioral differences to more complex elements such as chromosome numbers and genetics.

One could perhaps get something done by genetic engineering, but even making a true hybrid (half the genome from frog and half from turtle) sounds impossible. What you can do, even with today's technology, is a hybrid that has some genes from one species transfered into the other - but this of course is not breeding.
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