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Male eggs and female sperm. Please help!

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Male eggs and female sperm. Please help!

Postby iseriouslyneedhelp » Mon May 04, 2009 1:56 pm

Hello everyone

I am doing an assignment for my biology class. Basically, it involves reading and evaluating a number of articles, from both the mainstream media and scientific journals, and using the information obtained to write a letter to the editor or feature article on the topic we're studying. My topic is "Same-sex reproduction using male eggs and female sperm." I have been able to find a number of articles on the internet, but all of these come from the mainstream media. I am looking for a scientific journal (or something similar to that which I can access online) that will explain to me the biology behind male eggs and female sperm, and how they would most likely be made using biological processes. I did find one website that appears to give some useful information: http://www.samesexprocreation.com/. Unfortunately, the articles there on the making of male eggs and female sperm seem a bit too complicated for a 15 year old like me to understand, and I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to process those large articles.

I am wondering if anyone here knows of a website/scientific journal that would explain the biology behind male eggs and female sperm, in a way that's simple enough for me to understand. Even if someone could just give me an outline of the processes involved, that would be great too! Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Male eggs and female sperm. Please help!

Postby Twila » Mon May 04, 2009 3:18 pm

Ok basicly its just that some species of fish have been around and taken in certain "bacteria and contaminants" that have created a intersexual devolopement. SO this brings the interesting fact that one fish can hold both the female and male reproductive parts.
heres that article:

the rest of the sites are blocked. stupid school comps. lol

I just looked it up on ask.com
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Re: Male eggs and female sperm. Please help!

Postby iseriouslyneedhelp » Tue May 05, 2009 6:45 am

I'm sorry, but that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm researching. I'm talking about same-sex reproduction in humans, through the creation of male eggs and female sperm.
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Re: Male eggs and female sperm. Please help!

Postby sanjidcapa » Tue May 05, 2009 8:59 am

Hello man,
I think its very nice article.

"FEMALE sperm", "male eggs" and "same-sex reproduction" - whether these terms fill you with hope or disgust, a reproductive revolution is already in progress. In a handful of labs across the world, biologists are trying to make genetically male cells develop into eggs, and female cells into sperm. If successful, their efforts might one day allow lesbian and gay couples to have children that are genetically their own.

Now Greg Aharonian, a patent analyst from San Francisco, is trying to patent the technologies that could make this possible. In part, Aharonian's goal is to stimulate debate. He argues that lesbians and gay men have a right to know about developments in biology that could allow same-sex reproduction. Aharonian also wants to undermine the argument that marriage should remain an exclusively heterosexual institution because its main purpose is procreation. "I'm a troublemaker," he admits.

In the US, where reproductive clinics are largely unregulated and religious conservatives are at war with gay rights campaigners over same-sex marriage, it should indeed cause controversy. Same-sex reproduction is also an issue in the UK, where Parliament is debating whether in principle to allow IVF using sperm or eggs grown in the lab - although this would only apply to sperm from male cells, and eggs from female cells

In his application, Aharonian discusses methods including the use of artificial chromosomes and cellular "reprogramming" techniques. Still, biologists want to see hard experimental evidence. "He claims things that could be possible, but it needs experiments," says Karim Nayernia, a stem cell biologist at Newcastle University in the UK.

Nayernia is working on lab techniques to make sperm from human stem cells. In April last year, he made headlines by taking bone marrow stem cells from adult men and making them develop into spermatogonia - cells that can give rise to immature sperm through a process called meiosis. Since then, Nayernia claims to have repeated the feat for female bone marrow, opening the door for the creation of female sperm.

In so far unpublished work, Nayernia also claims to have made lab-grown male spermatogonia enter meiosis by culturing them with Sertoli cells - support cells from the testes that nurture developing sperm. He has not yet succeeded in getting his female cells to do the same but remains optimistic. "I think, in principle, it will be scientifically possible," Nayernia says, although there will be additional challenges along the way

Male eggs might not be so hard to make, though. A Brazilian team led by Irina Kerkis of the Butantan Institute in Saõ Paulo claims to have made both sperm and eggs from cultures of male mouse embryonic stem cells (Cloning and Stem Cells, DOI: 10.1089/clo.2007.0031). The researchers have not yet shown that their male eggs can be fertilised to produce viable offspring, but they are thinking about possibilities for same-sex human reproduction.

"We are starting experiments with human embryonic stem cells," says Kerkis. If these are successful, then the next step will be to see if male eggs could be made from cells known as "induced pluripotent stem cells". These seem to behave just like embryonic stem cells, and can be made from adult skin cells using a genetic reprogramming technique pioneered by Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University in Japan (New Scientist, 24 November 2007, p 7).

If all these experiments pan out, then the stage would be set for a gay man to donate skin cells that could be used to make eggs, which could then be fertilised by his partner's sperm and placed into the uterus of a surrogate mother. "I think it is possible," says Kerkis, "but I don't know how people will look at this ethically."
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Postby mcar » Thu May 07, 2009 10:12 am

Same sex reproduction in humans? (are you kidding me here?) As I remember, sperm cells may exist as androsperms or male-bearing sex chromosomes, and the gynesperms bearing the female sex chromosomes. But of course, with the technology today, there's no doubt that those kinds of experiments could be really done. And of course, even in hermaprhoditic conditions in humans, self-reproduction is less likely to occur as well.
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