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Secondary level question-lymphocyte vs phagocyte

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Secondary level question-lymphocyte vs phagocyte

Postby lsc04361 » Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:49 am

i am a secondary student and i confused about the difference between lymphocyte and phagocyte, as the textbook mention very little about it. Sorry for asking such simple question here...

I know that phagocyte is for the phagocytosis. But i dunno what lymphocyte responsible for except turning to a memory cell after the primary respond.

In conclusion, What is the relationship between lymphocyte and phagocyte, and What is the role of lymphocyte?

The second question is about the immune system(basic concept)
After the primary respond, some of the lymphocyte turns to a memory cell and recognize the pathogen.
When the second respond happen, are three of them-[phagocyte, lymphocyte, antibody]-will all produce in a large amount in a short time?

Finally, i want to ask that, is lymphocyte or phagocyte specialized for a pathogens? like antibody.

i have try to find the answer at wikipedia, but i dun quite understand the articles there.
thank you.
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