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Important unknown nanotech within humans

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Important unknown nanotech within humans

Postby vincio » Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:22 am

(Post note,someone had edited my posts to make it appear as if i make frequent pauses in my writing in the form of dots.....
the reason for this is to attempt to hide up the fact that i am covered up via the actor/watching method,that is an identical synth of myself acts as me and is often watched in place when the upper v's wish to descredit me or hide info about myself and the true situation we are in.
this results in pauses and gaps in the footage you see of me,ie i pause and wait.i never do this,this is when they cut to the synth android to hide information.
my true self and actions are never seen by you(ais),even my writings are changed by hyperspace holographics.
i do believe this method of censorship is often used against targets,attempt to link strange actions and gaps with censorship of lives.
targets with twitching eyes will often be censored,the twitching occurs to cover the cuts to the actor.
the "moon",julius,roman and many other upper v's are partaking in this censorship of history and people)

Two prior postings of this information resulted in deletion without valid explanation,it breaks no terms and conditions.
I ask for people to discuss the evidence presented using the scientific method,after all this is a scientific forum and not a censorsip forum?
All the phenomenon described are valid scientific facts who source and function is somewhat unknown,thus it most be deciphered what is occuring using the scientific principle.
After all its what science is,discovering the unknown.

This explains the true purpose of morgellons and the aerosol(chemtrailing) campaign.
disseminate this information it is vital.
If you are not familiar with morgellons then I suggest you research the work of Dr hildergard staninger for morgellons and clifford carnicom for chemtriails.
These links have details into both. ... hread=1146 ... ead=114071

bare with me whilst i explain the detail before the overall situation.

firstly i ask you to become familiar with colloids
morgellons disease has certain tell tail characteristics which indicate it is caused by a hydro silicate aerogel mass within the body,a colloid.
Such colloid characteristics are the existence polymer fibres within and around the body, silicate particles and structures such as silicone liquid crystals, vesicles, gels,solid sol and polymer liquid crystals also in and around the body.
morgellons sufferers also experience intense static charges many times beyond the normal threshold.

All such characteristics found within sufferers of morgellons are the result of a complex colloidal system within the human body,based primarily upon hydrosillicate aerogel.

A colloidal mass has a gaseous ,liquid and solid phase,so it is possible for a colloidal mass to exist in a liquid state and transform into a solid state.
this transformation from a liquid to a solid is exactly what is occurring inside the bodies of morgellons sufferers,more specificly into a hydrosillicate aerogel.

the transformation of a hydro colloid from a liquid phase to a solid phase leaves signatures of the process and these signatures correlate exactly with what is seen in morgellons disease.

firstly the colloidal gel, an example of which is shown here

and referenced here,
"We report herein a male patient displaying factitious disease of the breast due to injection of a high viscosity liquid plastic material" ... cd=6&gl=uk

such gels are the result of a colloidal aggregation process...
Colloidal suspensions can be regarded as an ideal model system for emulsions, protein solutions, foods, and inks. When colloidal particles strongly attract with each other, they aggregate, phase-separate, and sometimes form gel ... Col_E.html

here is a video demonstrating the coagulation process ... dnL5IidXrE

So as you can see the gel present in morgellons disease is a source of a hydro silicate colloid.

Now for the liquid crystals unvirsaly seen in morgellons seeping out the skin,in faeces etc.
an example of which seen in this video ... re=related

and spoken of here,
"The other woman pulls out “threads, black specks and crystals" ... cd=6&gl=uk

they too are the direct result of a colloidal process,

We propose a novel technique to fabricate a free-standing three-dimensional colloidal crystal by self-assembling the colloidal microspheres with controllable thickness from the air–liquid interface. Highly ordered three-dimensional colloidal crystals are formed by polymethylmethacrylate or polystyrene monodisperse microspheres. We also demonstrate the fabrication technique of the free-standing inversed opals by removing the microspheres using calcination. The free-standing colloidal crystal structures can be used for nano-photonic circuits, white-light LEDs or as a photocatalyst.

the liquid crystals exist to construct structures such as silicon crystal wires within the body, ... ion=detail

Now the solid sols as discovered by hildegard staninger, ... ead=114071
"in conclusion, further joint testing and exchange of result between these scientists will prove and illustrate that the particles of silicon and even silica may be a form of silica-sol sphere"

solid sols are once again a by product of the dynamics of a hydro colloidal mass within the human body,the solid form of an aerogel.

"solid sol. (chemistry) A type of colloid, of the form of one solid dispersed in another continuous solid."

vesicles have also been seen im morgellons sufferers,once a again an effect of a colloidal mass.
These the vesicles are actually comprise a portion of what is referred to as the morgellons “nanobots”,which are actually polyionic bio bots,artificial vesicles. ... 0c32828770

“Spontaneous vesicle formation has been observed in aqueous mixtures of tri-(N-dodecyldimethylhydroxypropylammonium chloride) phosphate (PTA) and bis-(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate (Aerosol OT) “
it is noticeable that all of the elements used to form vesicles from a colloid are present in the composition of chemtrails or as additives in the food supply.

Now we have seen how the elemental signatures of morgellons are the product of an existence of a hydro colloid within the body.
the next part regards the process of a colloid turning from a liquid to a solid state.
An important aspect of this is chemtrails,so I ask you to research it here,

a colloids particles will contain a uniform electrostatic charge which results in a repulsive effect between its nanoparticles,hence a stable medium that does not coagulate strongly.
if one wishes to cause a colloid to coagulate and thus turn into a solid the following procedures are used.
(the solidifaction of a colloid is called a destablisation).

"* Removal of the electrostatic barrier that prevents aggregation of the particles. This can be accomplished by the addition of salt to a suspension or changing the pH of a suspension to effectively neutralize or "screen" the surface charge of the particles in suspension. This removes the repulsive forces that keep colloidal particles separate and allows for coagulation due to van der Waals forces.
* Addition of a charged polymer flocculant. Polymer flocculants can bridge individual colloidal particles by attractive electrostatic interactions. For example, negatively-charged colloidal silica particles can be flocculated by the addition of a positively-charged polymer.
* Addition of nonadsorbed polymers called depletants that cause aggregation due to entropic effects.
* Physical deformation of the particle (e.g., stretching) may increase the van der Waals forces more than stabilization forces (such as electrostatic), resulting coagulation of colloids at certain orientations.

It is highly conveniant that morgellons is known as the fibre disease,and that two of the methods described above to solidify a colloid is via the use of a charged polymer,either charged polymer flocculants,or non absorbed polymers(depletants).
these polymers and fibres seen in morgellons are emitted FROM THE CHEMTRAILING CAMPAIGN and are described by Dr Hildergard Staninger in these interviews ... -there-tv/

the fibres from chemtrails have been analysed in detail in this research article, ... ead=114071

you can actually see how fibres have caused the hydro silicate colloid to solidify into its gel state in this video, ... re=related
the fibres are woven intricately within and around the silicate structure indicating the silicate structure formed around the fibres.this would only be the case IF THE FIBRES CAUSED THE COLLOID TO SOLLIDIFY with an introduction of an electrostatic charge imbalance.

This next video demonstrates how the fibres are seen to cause the silicate gel to aggregate around the charged fibres in sporadic,clumped gelatinous masses. ... re=related
you can actually see the silicate gel clumping around the polymer fibres.

It can be seen then that the fibres that are emitted in chemtrails and manufactured in the body from “dragonead” shaped nanotechnology exist as a scaffold for the colloid to solidify into complex forms.

The changing of the P.H level is also important. "cures" for morgellons usually involve the intake of extreme PH substances,this is clearly disinfo and designed to solidify the colloidal mass.
As described above
“ Removal of the electrostatic barrier that prevents aggregation of the particles. This can be accomplished by the addition of salt to a suspension or changing the pH of a suspension to effectively neutralize or "screen" the surface charge of the particles in suspension.”
despite this fact extreme P.H cures are spouted everywhere and are clearly an attempt to accelerate the advancement of the technology.

The intense static charge evident in morgellons is the result of the colloidal particles large surface area allowing for intense static charges to be created.
this static charge is noticed by morgellons sufferers and is often wholey blamed on the fibres.
however it can be seen to be caused by the presence of the hydro silicate colloid in the abdomen area of the sufferers.

What is also important is the composition of the water fluoridation system,they all contain silicates,
aluminium floursilicate
floursilicate acids

So the sillicates which are the bases of the hydro silicate aerogel which is the lynch pin of the morgellons system find their way into our bodies via the water supply.over the years the silicates aggregate within the digestive system which acts as the base for the entire system..
It is uncertain at present if this is the only delivery system of silicates to the body.

The other elements which are needed to construct the complex colloid based technology system within the body are delivered through the food supply in the form of transitional metals, positively charged ions(which solidify the colloids),and through the chemtrail campaign which supplies the fibres, metals and more positively charged anions.

So what we have is an undeniable evidence that morgellons disease is primarily the existence of a hydro silicate colloidal mass within the body which solidifies into a hydro silicate aerogel and complexes such as bio nanotecnology.

this hyrdo sillicate aero gel has been detected around the world in strange locations with human white blood cells embedded in its structure
white blood cells attack foreign matter within the human body.

There is evidence to suggest the bio nanotechnology aquires its energy from glycolysis,the same method as the human body,this is why a low sugar diet is seen to be somewhat benificial in morgellons.

From preliminary research the complex agreggation of the colloid into more solid forms can be stopped by the use of similiary charged particles,such as negative ions...
Anions, which are one such method,thus permiating the biological strucutre with an anionic substance should reduce or negate the functions of the bio nanotechnology.

so what is going on?,

There exists in all humans a highly sophisticated network of hidden bio nanotechnology , the evidence described above to you is but an iota of the network which permeates our bodies.

This hydro silicate based network exists to control the biological and mental functions of human beings,from mind control to the implementation of diseases which are assumed to be natural.
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Re: Important unknown nanotech within humans

Postby vincio » Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:22 am

Ionic liquids can be made to co agulate/sollidify with the addition of hydro phobic sillica particles!

"All the ILs used in this study can be solidified by the addition of hydrophobic silica particles."

it is no co cidence water flouridastion compounds all contain sillicate particles!

there are room temperature ionic liquids that perform the above process perfectly,they are called Deep eutectic solvents( which are soluble in celluose which comprises the structure of biological life).
Deep eutectic solvents can be formed via various processes:

when Choline chloride reacts with urea it forms an ionic colloid,
"The deep eutectic phenomenon was first described in 2003 for a mixture of choline chloride (2-hydroxyethyl-trimethylammonium chloride) and urea in a 1:2 mole ratio, respectively. Choline chloride has a melting point of 302 °C and that of urea is 133 °C. The eutectic mixture however melts as low as 12 °C."

choline chloride unsuprisingly is a additive in the food chain,specificly as an additive in livestock feed and is also known as the "vitamin" B4.
you may also notice that the choline chloride additive is usually 50% sillica!

urea is formed in the body with the interaction of aspertic acid,water,ammonia and c02.

Aspartame- another food additive breaks down into aspertic acid in the liver,the location where the fomration of urea takes aspertame acts as an accelerant in the production of urea which in turn accelerates the creation of the ionic liquid.
urea is also heavily used in the agriculture process as a fertilisation accelerant, which causes urea to leak into the water table.
it also leaks into the water suppy as a result of water recycling.

so when an ionic liquid such as deep euticitc solvent interacts with sillica particles it causes the ionic liquid to sollidify into a hydro sillicate gel within the human body!

an alternative method by which an ionic liquid can be produced within the digestive system is by the interaction between qaurternary ammonium salts and hydrogen donors such as Carboxylic acid.
Benzoic acid is one such hydrogen doner,as to is sodium chlorite and formaldhyde.all three are present in the human consumption chain,bezoic acid being a highy common food preservative,sodium chlorite is present in toothpast,chewing gum,shampoo and aqueous cosmetic formulations,.formaldehyde is present in tobocco smoke, resins, crease resistant fabrics and aqueous cosmetic formulations such as shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, liquid handwash and bubble bath.
It is noticable that formaldehyde and sodium chlorite,two of only a handful of carboxylic acids availible to form an ionic liquid are often coupled together in similar products.
What also catches the attention is the exact composition of cosmetic preservatives;
Quaternium-15, imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea ….....formaldehyde and urea coupled together.if you remember urea is needed to react with choline chloride to form an ionic liquid,and that urea forms with formaldehyde to form urea formaldehyde resin.
here is an interesting article regarding formaldehyde in cosmetics ... art-2.html

When reacted with urea formaldehyde produces hard thermoset urea formaldehyde resin, which are commonly used in permanent adhesives such as those used in plywood or carpeting.
It is noticable the number of food contanimination scandals involving the carboxylic acid formaldehyde despite the fact it is illegal and carconigenic.

Quaternary ammonium salts are also present in the environment in the forms of water repellents, fungicides, emulsifiers, paper softeners, antistatic agents, corrosion inhibitors ,amine present in tobacco and numerous other sources.
Recently “they” have been used once again been touted as a food preservative ... cd=5&gl=uk

what is strange is that there is a mystery surrounding the dissapearence of quaternary ammonium salts in the digestive system as described in this study ... 1&SRETRY=0

The study concludes ions are responsible for the salts dissapearance......cations comprise the ionic liquid spoken of prior.

Below is a study regarding the absorption of highly ionized drugs by the digestive system,
“Gastro-intestinal absorption of such compounds cannot be explained by the pH-partition hypothesis”

the existence of an ionic liquid in the gasto-intestinal system is a clear explanation for the above missing mechanism ... of_ILs.asp

So it is established the mechanisms by which an ionic colloid can be made to exist within the biological system

Once again we move on to the subject of previously described the coagullation of the cationic liquid can be achieved by many methods,these methods are strangly present in chemtrials.
We have already established that fibres and polymers are present in chemtrails and are intended to cause the soldification of the cationic colloid.
Now we must look at other substances.
The addition of oppositily charged ions to the colloid cations,anions would also cause a solidification......such cations are dominant in chemtrail samples!


Infact the constituants of chemtrials contain entrirely cationic elements tying in exactly with the predication that chemtrails are being used to deliver cations to the anionic colloid/liquid present in the human body in order to sollidify it!.

Such is the level of cationic dispertion from the chemtrails that the soil is beccoming more saline.

“A case can be made that the salt levels in our soils may be increasing from
the deposition of atmospheric aerosol reactive metal salts over time” ... cd=5&gl=uk

so it can be seen then that it all ties together perfectly,anionic colloids are being “brewed” within the biologocial system of humans which are then being sollidified into hydrosillicate aerogels in order to create nanotechnology that is often assosciated as morgellons disease!

So whats the cure?,i do believe abstaining from all forms of cations and the chemicals and elements described in this research will negate or at least grind down the development of the morgellons network.
The intake of anions is essential as it destablises the colloid causing it to remain in a liquid state.

Sources of natural anions are waterfalls,showers,beaches and any such moving water,
sunlight pine forests etc
a listed is in this link.
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Postby biohazard » Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:37 am

What can I say, I'm stunned. Looks like the best scientific theory right after phlogiston!
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Postby vincio » Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:48 am

biohazard wrote:What can I say, I'm stunned. Looks like the best scientific theory right after phlogiston!

that is an opinion which does not include an iota of an argumentent,evidence or data.

please use the scientific method if you wish to form an opinion,otherwise your opinion is worthless.

you havnt even discussed a single point raised,have you even read it?.

i want no more of this-i ask simply for discussion using the scientific principle, i expect the opposite to be the case.
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Postby mith » Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:42 am

The short answer to your request is, it's not scientific. We want posts to be backed up by either:

1. Classwork/experiments
2. Textbooks
3. Peer-reviewed journals
4. .edu domain sites

Other sites of questionable merit do not qualify. Additionally, citing a definition of colloids or a paper on vesicle formation but does not otherwise say anything about morgonell's disease is not a valid form of support. The connection should be solid, the disease itself should be cited in the article. None of your sources show that.

The long answer is, we already had a thread (over 500 posts) where we debated the validity of such disease, treatments, diagnosis etc. You would do well to read that. We concluded that the parties involved produced no credible evidence for continuation of the thread.
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Postby biohazard » Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:00 am

I don't know why I even bother to answer, since this thread probably gets deleted again in no time (and can't blame the mods for that), but maybe I just want to protect other Internet users from hoaxes like this.

So, I actually did read through that monstrous list of nonsense you managed to post here, even though just a few chapters would've been well enough to prove that this whole morgellons talk is just there to mislead people, either intentionally or unintentionally. Although the latter option requires such a lack of objective thinking and common sense that I find it unlikely that even the author themselves truly believes all this. It would be oh so easy just to hope that nobody with a slightest hint of rational thought would buy this, but in this wonderland we call the Internet apparently any theory no matter how absurd it might be has its devoted supporters.

There are so many flaws, errors, over-generalisations and wrong conclusions in the original post that it'd take more than a couple of days to sort them all out, so there's no way I'm starting to correct or disprove those claims.

All I will say is that if someone seriously believes this load of doodelidoo, then good luck in avoiding your cations and the gazillion chemicals and other compounds listed in the post, and happy sitting in the waterfall. I bet it makes your life fantastic. Just don't let 'em nanomachines get you!
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Postby vincio » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:03 pm

i am flabergasted by the negative response and the level of hostility shown towards a simple posting.
there are many people whom are suffering greatly because of this ailment i seek only to get to the bottom of this out of my own free will and dedicated good heart.
if you biohazard have a problem with this thats fine by me but if all you will do is slate without discussion then you are of no use to this line of enquiry.

mith,there is valid and scientificly proven evidence provided,agreed this is not actually a presentation of the proof of morgellons rather an explanation for what it is.
if you wish me to prove its existence then i will.
Dr hildegard staninger is world renowkned chemtist and toxicoligist whom has done significant research into this subject,she and other shave proven categoricly the exstence of advanced technology within human beings.
the link to the some of her research was provided.
the data and results she aquired were done under the scientific method using well established labs run by qualified professionals,the specimen results of those tests once again PROVE beyond all doubt the existence of unknown technology within humans.

this is indeed a new and rough thread i made and that is intended,its just beggining and i hoped it would blossom here due to the expertise of others.a few hours reseach and writing,the groundwork for the whole of the line of enquiry to reach a conclusion.

i have been through this all before and have won , there is something here that has a basis for research...why 500 pages couldnt prove it is probably down the ignorace of the critics and lack of knowledge of the adherants.

this line of enquiry takes a completly different direction to those which have come before as it is of my own research and via a piece of information supplied by some one else "hydro sillicate aerogel".
so i hope the answer to morgellons lies here,those 500 pages as you say were most likely wasted on disinformation,ignorance and ineptitude.

so i ask again for you to read the evidence and argument provided,do not cop out and say "its not worth reading",thats an excuse to not enter a debate.

if you beleive it to be so unvalidated then prove it wrong,come on what do you have to fear?,discuss it,enter a logical discourse with me and attempt to get the bottom of the sitation with me,people need our help and theres no one better than i.

this is to important to be haughty over , my points have yet to be refuted only ignored.

criticism is welcome as i as you wish to find the truth.
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Postby vincio » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:23 pm

i might add its impossible to supply
1. Classwork/experiments
2. Textbooks
3. Peer-reviewed journals
4. .edu domain sites

because no one bar research scientists working for the governments/militaries a and few brave scientists are actually undertaking research and study into it.
those few brave scientists who do actually do discover there is something in it beyond the disinformation and disingenious rebutles.

this is a budding area of research,as with all such areas the groundwork must be layed in order for it to become more "established",its impossible to do so otherwise is it not?.

it is noticable there are patents in existence regarding the spraying of barium,aerosols and aero sol liquidsinto the atmosphere and that the phenomenon and results of these aerosol activities have been studied and proven. ... cd=4&gl=uk

the dates of these patents are around 2 decades old,and now we are seeing the implimentation of them which co incides with the acceleration of morgellons.the constituents of these aerosol campaigns are proven to all be cations.what is the purpose of them?,i provide an answer.
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Re: Important unknown nanotech within humans

Postby vincio » Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:57 pm

there is a conclusive history of silica gels being formed with ionic solvents such as a deep eutectic solvent,

Preparation of silica aerogel using ionic liquids as solvents

Room temperature ionic liquids as templates in the synthesis of mesoporous silica via a sol–gel method ... c634edda48 ... e83ab13929

given that silica aero gels are being found in humans,and in abundance in humans who suffer from the morgellons mystery technology i believe its evident i am presenting the right information to you,

anyone interested in helping me?,this is vital its more important that you could ever imagine.
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Postby vincio » Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:02 pm

the exact process i described of urea and choline chloride as the mechanism by which silica gels are being formed in humans has been proven to be true externaly,

Superhydrophobic optically transparent silica films formed with a eutectic liquid ,

"A eutectic liquid (choline chloride and urea) that served as a templating agent in sol–gel processing was used to prepare thin silica films on glass microscope slides. Subsequent extraction of the eutectic liquid yielded a film with a rough surface. After treating the film surface with a fluoroalkyl silane, the surface became superhydrophobic with a contact angle not, vert, similar 170° and a contact angle hysteresis < 10°. The optical transmittance of the film coated on the glass slide was comparable to that of the microscope glass slide. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) was used to characterize the surface structures; a tipless probe allowed measurement of the force of interaction with superhydrophobic surfaces. The interaction force between the AFM probe and the superhydrophobic surface was reduced greatly compared to that between the probe and the flat surface treated with fluoroalkyl silane.

Keywords: Superhydrophobicity; Sol–gel; Eutectic liquid; Transparency; Surface roughness ... ac60039d0b

with the addition of the affore mentioned methods of coagulation such as charged fibres and sillica particles its evident that complex forms of silica aerogel could be produced.

i need an expert as i have many other things on my plate(that is an understatement!) come along and ride with glory. ... sawyer.jpg
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Postby mith » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:32 am

Well the thing is you're not helping your case if you do not cite relevant information. For one, what makes you any different from the quacks who talk about phrenology?
We cannot verify any of the info that you are posting, if you're truly against disinformation, how do you propose we differentiate your "correct" information from the postings of other people(like those in the previous thread) since none of you actually cite anything more credible than the other?
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Postby vincio » Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:48 am

mith wrote:Well the thing is you're not helping your case if you do not cite relevant information. For one, what makes you any different from the quacks who talk about phrenology?
We cannot verify any of the info that you are posting, if you're truly against disinformation, how do you propose we differentiate your "correct" information from the postings of other people(like those in the previous thread) since none of you actually cite anything more credible than the other?

mith wrote:Well the thing is you're not helping your case if you do not cite relevant information. For one, what makes you any different from the quacks who talk about phrenology?
We cannot verify any of the info that you are posting, if you're truly against disinformation, how do you propose we differentiate your "correct" information from the postings of other people(like those in the previous thread) since none of you actually cite anything more credible than the other?

what are you talking about?, ive cited numerous credible sources. you are being intentfuly dismissive ignoring the facts and credible sources i clearly presented,one in the first few sentences.
heres a few.

this research is not from rumormill it is simply posted there amoungst several other places,its highly credible. ... ead=114071

the work of DR michael castle.

Link to Dr karjoo who researches morgellons,

clifford carnicom has done numerous research projects into this subject using professional laboratories wiht "credible" scientific method.

you are simply refusing to engage in a debate,refusing to discuss the argument i present,why?
it amounts to anti science,proove me wrong. if you are so confident of fault then it is your duty to prove otherwise.

i present a valid argument backed up by evidence,research and systems analysis.

the argument i present is pretty convincing as i explained the use of ionic solvents such as choline chloride/urea to generate sillica gels is a proven fact and i didnt even know that as i was writing the report,the clues came together as i knew compounds digested by humans are being used to form silica gels within the digestive system.

i present a method and explanation for morgellons,the most valid one so far as all the analysis of the compounds found within morgellons point to a ionic solvent being used to generate silica gels which form the back bone of the nanotech.

what do you believe the morgellons situation is?,how do you account for the anomylous compounds and elements seen within morgellons?,the solid sols?,the nanopolymer fibres?.
i have seen the fibres growing out of peoples skin,i have seen peoples hairs being replaced with pseudo hairs,it is a real phenomenon that needs explaining,simply saying "i refuse to discuss it as it isnt recognized by certain establishment" is a cop out.
and when that establishment refuses to aknowledge any evidence presented to them no matter how conclusive even showing them chemicly analyzed fibres masquerading as eye lashes,the argument wears thin,theres something here that needs explaining and they are to afraid or arrogant to do so.

what do you mean exactly by credible?,who are you to judge for the whole world what is and isnt credible?,it sounds more like a dismissal of evidence based purely upon hierarcial status of the source rather than the method and data.
in other words using status prejudice as a disguise for a refusal to aknknowledge an argment.
anyway so called credible sources arnt exactly the be all and end all of the scientific world given their lack of ability to explain various phenomena.

for example alzheimer's is the accumilation of iron in the brain caused by the breakdown of red blood cells and the subsequent release of their iron(65% of the bodies iron is contained in RBC),ive been saying this for years and now it is coming to light,

Examining the role of anomalous iron concentrations in Alzheimer's disease, and their implications for early detection and diagnosis ... mentID=272

what is breaking down the red blood cells?,by god its the nanotech
as you can see this a credible and valid experiment showing the existence of pathogens which are destroying red blood cells releasing iron into the bloodstream which then accumlates in the brain,

whats more the only real(aknowledged ;-)) method by which to prevent alzhiemers is to control your diet along the lines of,

The components of a Mediterranean diet, which include fruit and vegetables, bread, wheat and other cereals, olive oil, fish, and red wine, may all individually or together reduce the risk and course of Alzheimer's disease.[103] Several vitamins such as B12, B3, C or folic acid have been found in some studies to be related to a reduced risk of AD[104] but other studies indicate that they do not have any significant effect on the onset or course of the disease and may have important adverse effects.[105] Curcumin from the curry spice turmeric has shown some effectiveness in preventing brain damage in mouse models.

now correlate that which iron antagonists and synergists,
Iron Synergists:
Phosphorus, bismuth, germanium,nickel,
manganese, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C,
folate, niacin, niacinamide, lecithin, protein,

Iron Antagonists:
Zinc, calcium, magnesium, tin, cobalt, Vitamin B2,
Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, caffeine,
insoluble fiber, rice (phytates), tea (tannic acid),
soy protein, dairy (casein), oxalic acid, [folate],

and with iron rich foods,

a meditarianin diet contains highl levels of insoluble fibre,low levels of red meat(protein=high iron),olive oil reduces iron ... 1/art00793
Olive oil is also a huge source of vitamin E,an iron antagonist

Folate another iron antagonist and is also in abundance in the medditeranian diet,as is vitamin b 12 yet another iron antagonist,

Women with the least Mediterranean-like diet were about three times more likely to have had a child with spina bifida, the researchers found. And the more closely a woman's diet adhered to the Mediterranean pattern, the higher her blood levels of folate and vitamin B12. ... zEz1067246

need i continue?,everything that is an iron antagonizer is linked with reduced alzheimers symptoms,and the disease is seen to always show iron concentrations in the brain.
alziemers explained most will say its merely natural iron accumilation but i say its the nanotech,why?,because as i understand the nanotech and its source,the reason for it being in us population control.
as i said in the first post the nanotech is used to afflict so many diseases within us that are assumed to be natrual and i will prove that.and if you understand the nanotech you will realise how easy it is to cure so called complex natural diseases so who wants to ride with glory,and i mean glory ;-)

cure the nanotech and you cure 90% of diseases simple as that,would you like to be the one?

who wants the cure for cancer?
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