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Solve medical mystery ~ yawn, stretch, tremors

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Solve medical mystery ~ yawn, stretch, tremors

Postby pookieboo » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:58 pm

Hello. This is my first post so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong board or wrong site. I need help from some biology brainiacs to figure out a strange happenning. I need theories.

I am 31 and 15 weeks pregnant with a healthy pregnancy (or at least I think so). I have bipolar disorder and panic disorder. My blood pressure is generally on the low-normal side, 100/60. I take a prenatal vitamin with iron and am on no other medicine (for said bipolar/panic).

I have had a strange occurance happen for the second time last night. I stretched mid-sleep and was awoken by violent muscle tremors (enough to cause extreme discomfort in my extremeties). I was very slightly aware of this, although not totally awake and I figure the shaking woke me up. In addition, is an uncontrollable impulse to yawn. Seems sort of like an average normal thing, yawning or stretching that is. My body is new to sleeping on my side and am not supposed to sleep on my back because I'm in my second trimester, so my body stays still propped by pillows and I'm usually someone who moves around a lot while asleep. Another possible linking factor is I'm sleeping constantly, 2-3 naps per day lasting several hours, and sleeping at night. I had terrible morning sickness and was slightly high on my T4 thyroid but that was normal when last we checked. My morning sickness has since become milder. My iron is supposedly normal and there are no indicators on any blood test of anything abnormal right now.

This is an issue however because it hurts really bad - the tremors. I can stop them but then the impulse feels ungratified and my muscles stiff. If I go with it, I shake violently and it hurts really bad from the muscles tightening so much, almost cramping. My heart will jump a bit, and race a bit out of nowhere. I get the sensation that I'm cold/ I am freezing, YET, I am not cold. My body is not physically cold. It seems my body associates shivering with being cold but I'm not actually cold.

The first time this happenned was about 10 days ago. I was sleeping at my sisters house. I jumped out of bed and stood in front of the heater while scarfing down a plate of cold food. I have no idea where the impulse to eat came from. I wasn't hungry. But I felt as though I needed heat and food NOW. I felt "freezing" but I was not cold. I remember the tremors being so painful. I can't say it's seizure activity because I can stop it if I resist the urge to stretch or yawn. But as soon as I let go, it's violent and painful.

The it happenned again last night. This time it made me panic a little and my head sort of hurt too. I feel like I'm going crazy, no pun intended lol. But I really don't know what to make of it.

So I speak to a nurse friend of mine, she says it's nothing to be concerned about. I speak to a practicioner at my doctor and she too says it's fine. I still booked an appointment to see my doctor Monday. But knowing her (she's very easy going) will say something comforting and send me on my way.

However, this is NOT normal. I know me well enough and have plenty stretched mid-sleep and not had these tremors and spasms. It has never been so bad that it actually causes shocking pain. I feel like my mind is telling my body things that aren't true. Impulses are untrue. I'm not hungry. I'm not sleepy. I'm not cold...

Theories I thought may be that the baby is yawning and it's sympathetic? Maybe the baby needs stuff I don't recognize? Could such a voice be so strong as to violenty take it? Could my blood pressure be dropping below normal while sleep? Could I be too warm and just not notice? And why are my signals and impulses all mixed up? Could baby be anemic even though I am not?

I read the posts on yawning and stretching, and read a lot online about it. But because both phenomenon are such a mystery and understudied there is little information on it. Problem is, now I'm getting afraid of sleeping because the pain frightens me. This is no exageration and I can only liken it to a back spasm, but in my legs arms back shoulders toes fingers hands and whole body, VERY painful.

I usually stretch 2-3 times before it wakes me fully and I jump up distressed from the whole ordeal. This is the second episode. I want to INSIST on checking for possible causes, provide leads and suggest specialists.

If anyone here can tolerate reading this whole post and wouldn't mind doing a little in depth hunting with me or theorizing, and suggesting, I would deeply appreciate it.
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Postby mith » Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:34 am

See a second doctor.
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Postby pookieboo » Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:11 am

Yes. I plan on seeing my doctor and a second doctor for an alternative thought. However, there are a lot of patients of the doctors I see because it's subsidized healthcare. Not to say that I don't think they're thorough, but I'm sure they'd consider it a lower priority than some of their other patients and rightfully so. I think this issue is going to need a little research, on my behalf and any doctor looking into it. I just don't think they'll make it a priority (I almost know they won't) and almost anyone I talk to really doesn't consider it a major concern; although if they could only actually FEEL it, they'd probably hop right on it.

By the way, thank you for responding to my post.
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Re: Solve medical mystery ~ yawn, stretch, tremors

Postby masyaka » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:17 pm

Hi. Check the levels of electrolytes in your body. They also say that drinking pickle juice helps a lot. What was your level of physical activity before pragnency?
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