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What Is Petroleum

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What Is Petroleum

Postby HenrryWilson » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:03 am

How can biodiesel be made at home?
The first step to making biodiesel at home is understanding the process. Once you understands the facets of production, then you need to find out if you have a source of either waste kitchen grease or raw vegetable oil that is cheaper than the present diesel prices. It shouldn't be difficult to find oil to convert into biodiesel even if you have to buy it fresh because petroleum prices are exceedingly high today.

The first step to a viable production process of biodiesel at home after you have looked into the availability of raw materials, such as vegetable or animal grease of some sort, methanol or ethanol, and a catalyst, then it is time to go about building a biodiesel reactor.
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