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two questions conduction and RMP

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two questions conduction and RMP

Postby biology_06er » Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:36 am


Hi there,

just wondering about the the notes it says:

If Vm is less negative than Ek, potassium ions flow out of the cell (+ve current by convention), while if Vm is more negative than Ek, then ions flow inward (negative current)..

so just wondering when potassium ions flow out of the cell this makes the cell more negative right thus ultimately reaching the equilibrium potential for potassium of about -97mV..and if ions are flowing inwards this is making the cell more postive..if so are the potassium ions moving against their concentration gradient to enter the cell? Have I got this right..

also for the question: which terms in the below equation model potassium conductance? I have highlighted what I think, am I right? of does it not include 'n'?
Im=m^3hg(Na)(Vm-ENa) + n^4g(K)(Vm-EK)

Thanks, hopefully someone can reply soon as needa know by thursday (still time but would like to know asap),

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