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Spermatozoa staining

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Spermatozoa staining

Postby DoctorStein » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:14 am

I need references to stain spermatozoa in order to investigate their viability/vitality. I read that double-staining (trypan blue/congo red + Giemsa) is good to differ dead/alive and also the presence of acrosome. Triple-staining (eosin/nigrosin+Bismarck brown+...(I forgot the third dye)) is said good too, but I don't have all the component. Well, the conventional Giemsa works well though.

Because staining is all about skill and experience thing, I need references from people here of recipe to display the best preparation of spermatozoa. I use to apply single-staining like Giemsa 3 % in distilled water, eosin/nigrosin according to Mortimer (1994). Although both work well for investigating dead/alive spermatozoa, but I still cannot see the acrosome positive reaction.

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