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Rare Florist Gloxinia

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Rare Florist Gloxinia

Postby guitarmaestro » Thu May 22, 2008 5:17 pm

I have fallen in love with the florist gloxinia and now grow a multitude of them from seed. However, recently, I found that I have in my midst, a rare genetic variation. The normal gloxinia produces two leaves per node junction on its main stem as it grows. The suceeding nodes grow leaves that perpendicular to the last. So the leaves grow like North-South, then up the stem East-West, then North-South again. All of my other gloxinias grow in this pattern. My rare gloxinia has three leaves per node junction. They are arranged like that altitudes of an equilateral triangle; spaced by 120 degrees. The next junction is mirror around the horizontal (triangle tip facing North, then the next junction the tip faces South). I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of such a genetic oddity in gloxinias or if I have a quite rare plant on my hands.

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