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Hawk & Falcon


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Hawk & Falcon

Postby Nelsson » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:36 pm

Hey! I'm currently studying a number of different birds. These birds are all in a display case, which makes it impossible to view similarities and differences regarding their wing size and shape. Itherefore experience some problems with how to separate a small hawk, like for instance a sparrowhawk( Accipiter nisus) from a somewhat large falcon, like Falco rusticolus and Falco peregrinus. Are there any characteristics easy to notice, apart from wing size and form, that would help separate these birds from one another? Especially regarding the females, as they are most alike.

As well, keeping in mind the same problem, are there any characteristics that could help me recognize a female Falco rusticolus from a female Falco peregrinus

It would be of great help as my zoology exam is soon due.

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