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how to get rid off BSA in the medium

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how to get rid off BSA in the medium

Postby hisunny4u » Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:04 pm

hi every body....
i am culturing Leptospira in EMJH medium containing BSA(very essential)...but leptospira releases Hemolysins...if u try to estimate u get positive result...and one more thing is BSA alone also gives positive result for hemolytic assay my PROBLEM IS HOWCAN I REMOVE BSA FROM THE CULTURE FITRATES(after culturing) that it will b easy for estimation...
BSA is also creating problem while running SDS PAGE is producing a big blob in gel ..which is disturbing the visualization of other bands , i want to get rid off BSA in culture filtrates ...and i cannot even skip as it is essential for it me
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