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Prune apical meristem and lower branches to increase yield?


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Prune apical meristem and lower branches to increase yield?

Postby bta » Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:53 pm


I was having conversation with a friend who shared a different opinion from my own. I was hoping some one could provide information in regards to pruning and yield.

We both agreed that pruning the apical meristem (a.k.a "topping") usually increases yield due to the diffusion of auxins which control apical dominance (AD). The resulting 'competition' of the remaining lateral shoots/branches for AD provides more and better fruiting tips which increases yield.

We disagree however that trimming the lower shoots/branches which do not produce very well WILL increase yield. His idea is that if you trim lower shoots/branches then the tree can put more energy into the remaining fruiting sites to produce larger fruit for a greater individual and overall fruit yield. This idea seems to suggest that there is a limited amount of 'energy' a plant has to produce fruit; I do not believe this is accurate (but I could be wrong). To me, it seems the individual and overall fruit yield will be the same regardless of whether the lower shoots/branches are trimmed or not.

Any clarification would be great!
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