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DNA Testing on ancient mummies-- how reliable is it?

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DNA Testing on ancient mummies-- how reliable is it?

Postby tadukhipa » Thu Apr 05, 2007 1:44 am

Hey! I hope I posted this in the right section of the forum.

I just have a little Bio-related question that's bugging me, and since I'm more an English/History type, I thought I'd come bother you Science types in order to beg for help. :wink:

This is kind of old news, but DNA testing done on this mummy that was formerly believed to be female shows that it is actually male. I've also heard that DNA testing on Egyptian mummies can be kind of sketchy though, but I thought I'd ask some of you people to see what you think. It's one thing if it's a bit unreliable, but it's another thing to screw up something as basic as sex.

If you need more specifics, I'm curious about the "Younger Lady" in tomb KV35 in the Valley of the Kings that some people thought was Nefertiti. (For the record though: I was never swayed by that terrible documentary on the Discovery Channel. :P) If you google "Nefertiti" on the CBC website, then you can find a link to the "official" document describing the test. (I'd post the URL but the forum won't let me...)

Thanks for your help![/url]
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Postby lara » Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:25 am

the ancient DNA is actually tricky.the amount is too little often so i has 2 use PCR 4 amplifyin it.the presence of contaminant dna(insects,parasites etc.)too get amplified.the answer if u wonder y 'Jurassic Park' has not become a reality.
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