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The theory of the chaos against the corrosion

In the modern science the word "chaos" is used for the description of systems, behaviour of which seems quite random. However, mathematical modeling methods aid to find an inner order in they. A deterministic chaos theory that allows predictions of physicochemical and even biological processes was developed for the description of complex systems.

Great facilities are spent for the prevention of corrosion in the world. Only in USA, it costs $300 million annually. A part of this means has been invested in theoretical and experi-mental investigations based on the deterministic chaos theory. The work of Dr. Vertegel A.A., Dr. Tretiakov U.D. was done under NATO financial backing.

Although a corrosive current varies itself random the mathematical modeling exposes regularity. A path of that system constitutes a strange attractor. To cancel the corrosion it needs to find such conditions in which an attractor of the system will be a point. Specially cal-culated voltage impulse, which is supplied in reference time, derives the system from the cha-otic state. After dumping random oscillations reinitiate in the system that accounted for by the renewal of the corrosion. If that impulses are supplied regularly that the corrosion can be to-tally canceled.

Chemistry and Life - XXI century. August 1999.

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