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Cellulose Binding Domains (CBD) were conjugated with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC).

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- Quantification of the CBD-FITC conjugates surface coating on cellulose fibres

mcith_8-1-1.jpg Figure 1 Portucel and Whatman CF11 fibres treated with CBD-FITC. The fibres treated with a concentration of 60 μg/mL (or 2 mgCBD/gfibres). The images were acquired with an exposure time of 600 ms. The white squares identify the areas selected for analysis. The more fluorescent parts (black regions on the analyzed images) are out of range (calibration shown elsewhere), and were therefore excluded from the analysis.

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mcith_8-1-2.jpg Figure 2 Whatman CF11 images. The characteristic curled structure of the fibres (circle).

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mcith_8-1-3.jpg Figure 3 Estimated surface concentration of adsorbed CBD. The estimated fraction of surface coverage is indicated in the figure bars. The values shown are based on the assumption that the protein is adsorbed on the external surface of the fibres only. The values are shown with 95% confidence intervals error bars.

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mcith_8-1-4.jpg Figure 4 Images obtained by fluorescence microscopy of Whatman CF11, amorphous and Sigmacell 20 fibres. The images were obtained before – 1st and 3rd column – and after – 2nd and 4th column – the image analysis of fibres treated with a CBD-FITC concentration of 400 μg/mL. The black areas on the treated images correspond to the fluorescence emission, which is higher than the one used in the calibration. Fluorescence images acquired for 100 ms (CF11) and 80 ms (Amorphous and Sigmacell).

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mcith_8-1-5.jpg Figure 5 Images from confocal microscopy. Three views of a CF11 fibre are shown, as schematized in the right insertion of figure c. The insertions d, e and f correspond to the pixels intensity (256 grey levels) obtained at the position indicated by the line (white circle), at different depths. The adsorption conditions were 20 mgCBD/gFibre, for 30 minutes of contact. Each image corresponds to an acquisition thickness of 1 μm.

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mcith_8-1-6.jpg Figure 6 Electron microscopy image of immunolabelling of CBD-treated Whatman CF11 fibres.

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