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The Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource Center has been established to provide informational and …

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What is the poxvirus bioinformatics resource center?
- Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource Center: a comprehensive Poxviridae informational and analytical resource

The PBRC represents a cooperative endeavor with collaborationsbetween the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Universityof Victoria, the Medical College of Wisconsin, St Louis Universityand the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). The PBRC consortiumhas established a database of all available completely sequencedpoxvirus genomes. This database includes information on everypredicted gene that may be coded for by these genomes, as wellas descriptive annotations of the physical and functional propertiesof each gene based on computer predictions. Currently, onlycomplete genomes are included in the database. In future releaseswe plan to include as available, incomplete genomes as wellas coding sequences from virus strains not represented by completegenomic sequences. We are also compiling a comprehensive gene-by-genecuration that is linked to each individual gene record. In addition,the PBRC provides a variety of analytical information and analysistools that can be used to mine the genomic data. These toolsinclude sequence homology searches, a database of functionaldomains, a database of poxvirus gene orthologs and web-basedvisualization tools to allow for customized displays of muchof this information. A major goal has been to develop new softwarepackages for the analysis of viral genomes. This aspect of theproject involves designing new software tools that permit researchersto interact with and manipulate complete poxvirus genomes andfamilies of poxvirus protein orthologs. This vastly speeds upthe analysis process and provides information about these virusesfrom comparative analyses that otherwise would be almost impossibleto obtain. Some of these tools have been described previouslyin the literature and therefore more substantial descriptionsare already available [Poxvirus Orthologous Clusters (4,5),Viral Genome Organizer (6), Viral Genome Database (7), JDotter(8) and Base-By-Base (9)].

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