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This article reviews role of saliva in toxicology.

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- Oral Fluid in Toxicology

Balwant Rai, B.D.S. Resident
Government Dental College
Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science
Rohtak Haryana India

Saliva is a combination of gingival crevicular fluids, fluid of salivary glands. The most commonly used laboratory diagnostic procedures involve the analysis of cellular and chemical constituents of blood. Other biologic fluids are utilized for diagnosis of disease, and saliva offers some distinctive advantages. Whole saliva can be collected non-invasively and by individuals with limited training. This article reviews role of saliva in toxicology.

An open access article from The Internet Journal of Toxicology (2007) Volume 3 Number 2, viewed from Biology-Online.org.

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