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Carbohydrate restriction as a strategy for control of obesity is based on …

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- Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and energy efficiency in weight loss diets

mcith_4-27-1.jpg Figure 1 Hypothetical kinetics of fat storage and hydrolysis. Model for the effect of insulin on efficiency of storage. Black line indicates response under conditions of weight maintenance. Blue line shows the effect of added insulin on hormone sensitive lipase activity.

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mcith_4-27-2.jpg Figure 2 Model for adipocyte metabolism. See text for details.

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mcith_4-27-3.jpg Figure 3 Effect of insulin on fatty acid flux. Free fatty acid appearance in plasma R(a) were examined in healthy humans infused intravenously with insulin. Data from reference [46]. Units converted for comparison to figure 5.

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mcith_4-27-4.jpg Figure 4 Weight change and food intake of the FIRKO mouse. Data from reference [71, 88] Adipose-specific insulin receptor knockout (FIRKO) mice have normal or increased food intake but are protected from obesity.

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mcith_4-27-5.jpg Figure 5 Effect of diet on serum insulin concentration. Mean serum insulin concentration before (red) and after (blue) 5 weeks on a reduced carbohydrate diet (CHO:Lipid:Protein = 20:50:30) using a randomized crossover design with a 5-week washout period. Data from reference [72]. The control diet was (55:30:15). As noted in the text, the insulin values are in the linear range of the dependence of fatty acid flux on insulin and the pattern roughly proportional to the flux of fatty acid.

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mcith_4-27-6.jpg Figure 6 Effect of chronic diets on postprandial response to high fat meal. Responses to high fat meal before and after 6 weeks on low carbohydrate (< 10% energy) ketogenic diet in overweight men. Data from reference [47].

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