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This review focuses on the role that metal-responsive transcription factors have in …

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- Metal-Responsive Transcription Factors That Regulate Iron, Zinc, and Copper Homeostasis in Eukaryotic Cells

TABLE 1. Genes that are regulated by metal-responsive transcription factorsa

Transcription factorb Description Gene name(s) Reference(s)
Aft1 Transporters FET4, FET5, FTR1, FTH1, SMF3, MRS4, CCC2, COT1 72, 115, 124, 125, 149, 156
Cu chaperone ATX1 93
Ferroxidase FET3, FET5 124, 154
Metalloreductases FRE1, FRE2, FRE3, FRE4, FRE5, FRE6 98, 154
Cell wall proteins FIT1, FIT2, FIT3 117
Siderophore transport ARN1, ARN2, ARN3, ARN4 162
Fe-S biosynthesis ISU1, ISU2 47
Otherd TIS11, HMX1, AKR1, PCL5, YOR387c, YHL035c, YMR034c, ICY2, PRY1, YDL124w 44, 118, 125, 135
Aft2 Transporters SMF3, MRS4, FTR1, COT1 115, 125
Cu chaperone ATX1 14
Ferroxidase FET3, FET5 14, 124
Metalloreductase FRE1 125
Cell wall protein FIT1, FIT3, FIT2 124, 125
Fe-S biosynthesis ISU1 125
Otherd BNA2, ECM4, LAP4, TIS11, YOL083w, YGR146c, YHL035c 125
Fep1 Transporter fip1+ 107
Ferroxidase fio+ 107
Siderophore transport str1+, str2+, str3+ 108
SREA Siderophore biosynthesis sidA, sidB, sidC, amcA, atrH, estA 103
Siderophore transport mirA, mirB, mirC 103
Otherd cycA, acoA, lysF 102
Urbs1 Siderophore biosynthesis sid1, sid2 2, 161
Ace1 Cu metallothioneins CUP1, CRS5 29, 139, 150
Cellular stress response SOD1 55
Amt1 Cu metallothioneins MT-I, MT-IIa, MT-IIb 141, 172
Gene regulation AMT1 174
Crf1 Cu metallothioneins MTPI, MTPI1 46
Mac1 Cu transporters CTR1, CTR3 85, 155
Metalloreductases FRE1, FRE7 49, 98
Otherd YFR055w, YJL217w, YLR213c 57
Cuf1 Cu transporters ctr4+, ctr5+, ctr6+ 7, 9, 84
Fe transport fip+c 84
Metalloreductase frp1+c 84
Multicopper oxidase fio1+c 84
GRISEA Cu transport PaCTR3 16
Cellular stress response PaSOD2 18
Crr1 Heme biosynthesis CPX1 68
Photosystem I maintanence CRD1, CTH1c 100, 101
Electron transfer CYC6 67, 99
Zap1 Zn transporters ZRT1, ZRT2, ZRT3, ZRC1, FET4, ZRG17 94, 95, 96, 149, 159, 166, 167
Gene regulation ZAP1, NRG2 94, 168
Phosphate/lipid metabolism YOL002c 94
Metabolic enzymes DPP1, ADH4, MNT2, ADE17, TKL2, URA10 94
Vacuolar proteases PRC1, PEP4 94
Otherd MCD4, ZPS1, RAD27, ZIP1, GRE2, BAG7, FLO1, YNL254c, YLL020c, YGL258w, YOR387c, YJR061w, YMR086w, YOL131w, GPG1, COS1, COS2, COS3, COS4, COS6, COS8, YJL132w, ICY2, PST1, YBL048w, YBL049w, YNL234w, YDR492w, YKL174c, PHM7 94, 159
Mammalian MTF-1 Zn transporters ZNT-1, ZTL1 27, 87
Metallothioneins MT-I, MT-II 66
Cellular stress response AFP, LCN1, PIGF, {gamma}-GCS 56, 59, 92
Other AHSG, CBG, PMP22, XIST, ACVR2b 92
Drosophila MTF-1 Metallothioneins MTNA, MTNB, MTNC, MTND 38, 163

a The genes that are listed are (i) metal regulated and (ii) have a consensus sequence or sequence that resembles the consensus binding site for the relevant transcription factor within the promoter region and/or encode for a protein that is involved in metal metabolism. Genes that have been analyzed in such a way to demonstrate a more direct interaction with the factor in question are shown in bold. Examples of experimental evidence that is consistent with a direct interaction include analysis of expression in the presence and absence of the wild-type or constitutive alleles of the relevant factor and/or the use of reporter constructs containing the metal-responsive element(s) of the target gene in question.

b No target gene has been identified for the SRE and SreP transcription factors.

c Genes that are repressed, rather than activated, by the named transcription factor.

d Genes which do not fall into any of the listed categories.

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