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Kinds Of Cover Letter You Should Make An Example Of

First of all, a cover letter is a strategy which is just like what businesses and companies use to sell their products. It is like a tool to sell things, just think of it as a tool to sell yourself to the company you are applying for. Regardless of your educational achievements, companies always look for serious professionals who are willing to work hard for the company.

This is why many people fail in getting the job they want to have. Also, this is why even people who are high achievers in college fail to land the job they want. Resume cover letters will be the one to determine if the employer will consider filing your resume or will only scrap it along with the hundreds of resumes submitted. However, why is it that some people still fails to land the job even if they included a cover letter with their resume? It may be because that they are neither qualified or they wrote a bad cover letter.

The next question would be how to make a cover letter that will catch the employer's attention. To answer this question, here are things included in a good example of a resume cover letter.

• First Paragraph

On the first paragraph of the cover letter, it is very important that you should introduce yourself to the company or to the employer/recruiter. Make the introduction as simple as you can, meaning that you should never make the introduction like those of boxing matches. Just write the introduction just as you would say it to a normal person.

• Second Paragraph

In this paragraph, this is the part where you answer the most important question of the employer, which is why they should hire you. Here, you will write why you are the perfect person for the job and why you stand out from the rest of the applicants. You will also put in a brief description of your accomplishments in your previous job or jobs where it is related to the position you are applying for.

• Third Paragraph

Here, you will put in how you appreciate that the employer or the company took the time to read your letter. Just a simple thank you is enough and it also helps if you put in your contact details, such as your telephone number, mobile phone number, and email address.

• Proof Reading

Most cover letters fail because it contains grammatical error and typos. A single typo can mean failure. This is because it shows if you really took the time to make this simple work in making a letter perfect. By making sure that there are no grammatical errors and typos, the company or the employer will be sure that you took the time of making the simple act of making a letter perfect.

These are the contents of a good example of a cover letter. Always remember the three paragraph rule of introduction, highlights, and thank you and you will never go wrong when writing a cover letter.

Just remember to proof read it before you even think of mailing it or submitting it to the company you are applying for. A cover letter with no typos or any grammatical error will reflect your professionalism and also your dedication to work.


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Author: Mario R. Churchill


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