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In principle, human cloning does not represent a forbidden interference in nature, …

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Potential Drawbacks Problems
- Human Clone:Who Is Related To Whom

The development of eugenic techniques to duplicate people with special characteristics (intellectual genius, exceptional strength, beauty etc.), or the wish of evil dictators such as Hitler, Gaddafior Sadolam Hussain to replicate themselves.4 The creation of large groups of people who are identical not only in their external appearance but also in their human characteristics, such that the individuality as each person is eradicated. This would lead us to lose the basic respect which we feel for people specifically because each person is different and unique. In addition, such a situation could exert a profoundly negative psychological influence on the identical cloned products. Also, there will be the threat of a “black market” for fetuses created from people with “positive” characteristics. Tailor made babies : demand for babies with outstanding intelligence, strength, beauty etc., would create an industry of fetuses which would be sold to potential parents desiring such children.4

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