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The non-invasive nature of laser biostimulation has made lasers an attractive alternative …

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- Design and testing of low intensity laser biostimulator

The specifications of the prototype, built according to the proposed design, were found to be better or comparable to those of other existing devices. It features small size and low component count and power consumption. Because of the low power levels used the possibility of sensory nerve stimulation via the phenomenon of shock or heat is excluded. Thus senseless optical stimulation is achieved. The optical system presented offers simple and cost effective way for beam collimation and polarization change. The novel method proposed for testing the device efficiency allows for objectively recording of SLB potentials evoked by laser stimulus. Based on the biopotential records obtained with this method, a scientifically based conclusion can be drawn about the effectiveness of the commercially available devices for low level laser therapy used in Medical Acupuncture. The prototype tests showed that with the biostimulator presented, SLB could be effectively stimulated at low power levels. However more studies are needed to derive a general conclusion about the biostimulation mechanism of lasers in Medical Acupuncture and their most effective power and optical settings.

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