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Climate Change Causes Negative Impact on Food Supply and Health

By Vicki Mozo

We may not be aware of it but the climate is already having an effect on our food supplies. And, the more that we take this matter for granted the more it gets worse through time. This is what Ewen Todd, a professor in Michigan State University warns us about.

In the recent American Association for the Advancement of Science, he organized a session called "How Climate Change Affects the Safety of the World's Food Supply". Different experts from around the world meet up in the event to discuss about food safety, which is becoming a global issue because of the impact of climate change.

The rapid changes in the climate cause harm as they disrupt natural, ecological balance. Todd cited the expanding growth of ''Vibrio'' as an example. ''Vibrio'' is a group of bacteria thriving in warm oceans. Many of them can cause foodborne diseases to humans.

Because of climate change, many species are becoming endemic in the north because of the continuous increase in temperature of sea waters in the region. In 2005, an outbreak of certain ''Vibrio'' species was recorded in Alaska when sea water temperature rose to 15 degree Celsius.

Apart from the biological impact of climate change, another ensuing problem is crop destruction as a result of extreme weather systems. We have seen how excessive downpour and droughts from different regions of the world destroyed crops, thus affecting global food supplies negatively. When there is no adequate supply of (nutritious) food, prices go up and consumers are driven to buy non-healthy foods instead, such as cured meats and instant foods.



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