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Future directions
- Bronchospasm and its biophysical basis in airway smooth muscle

It has become well established that muscle length is equilibrated dynamically rather than statically, and that in a dynamic micro-environment non-classical features of muscle biophysics come to the forefront, including unanticipated interactions between the muscle and its time-varying load, as well as the ability of the muscle cell to adapt rapidly to changes in its mechanical microenvironment. Evidence supporting the notion of a highly malleable cell is accumulating rapidly, but a mechanistic basis to explain this malleability is only beginning to emerge. The notion that airway smooth muscle malleability and remodeling might be explained as a reflection of glassy behavior in the neighborhood of a glass transition is attractive because it is rather simple yet seems to tie together diverse behaviors within a unified empirical framework [188-190]. But whether this line of thinking will bear fruit remains to be seen.

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