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  • Where is spring and the pollen allergy season? We hear it all the time. When will winter be over? Well not only are people saying it but so are the trees. This winter the March weather has been very cold with lots of snow. April has begun with … Read More
  • Photo credit: Steve De Neef Passionate about Thresher Sharks in the Philippines My work as a marine biologist has drawn me to the Coral Triangle, an area of our oceans consisting of the highest levels of marine biodiversity. You can imagine that the abundance of marine life led to a high reliance … Read More
  • BO sampler (2) Aeroallergen Monitoring in Canada As I mentioned in my last blog, the study of aeroallergens depends highly on having data.  In order to have data, we need to obtain samples of outdoor air, and analyze them to identify and quantify each type of pollen … Read More
  • Photo Credit: Alecia Hoyt Photography Update Regarding The Urban Scientist, Dr. Danielle Lee (DNLee) Biology Online would like to provide an update regarding our interaction with Dr. Danielle Lee, otherwise known as The Urban Scientist or DNLee. A few weeks ago, a recently hired employee (not the site’s editor) representing Biology Online was responsible … Read More

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